Performance Management

Penn's global eminence in teaching, research and community service is achieved because of the diligent, innovative efforts of our outstanding faculty, staff, and students. Effectively managing Penn's staff is a top priority for our managers. 

Performance management is rooted in ongoing communication between managers and their staff. The Performance Appraisal Program provides formal assessment of an individual's performance. Annual performance appraisals occur each spring and include both a self-appraisal by the staff member and the supervisor's assessment of the staff member's performance.

Penn's Performance Appraisal Program

Penn has a performance appraisal program that comprises newly hired staff, staff who transfer positions internally and an annual performance appraisal program for all staff. Each of these appraisals includes three key components for effective management:

  • Clear performance goals and expectations
  • Regular verbal and written feedback to staff about progress toward goals
  • Competencies and/or professional development and learning goals to help a staff member succeed in his/her position and career

Effective Performance Management

Effective management can enhance staff engagement, improve productivity, and promote staff development. Use the resources on this page to help you navigate the annual appraisal process and proactively manage staff performance throughout the year.

How do you effectively manage performance? Watch the video!