Introductory Review Period for New Hires

For most newly hired regular staff members, the Introductory Period consists of the first four months of employment at the University. This period may be extended with prior approval from Staff and Labor Relations. This period is used to determine if the staff member’s performance meets the expectations of the position and if continued employment is warranted. Staff members who terminate University employment must complete an Introductory Period upon their reemployment with the University. Former staff members of the University of Pennsylvania Health System must complete an Introductory Period when hired in a University position.


New staff members must be informed of the existence and length of the Introductory Period at the time the offer of employment is made. The Introductory Period is outlined in the offer letter.

Workday for Performance Management

Workday performance management tools are now available for staff and supervisors to share feedback and goals. Visit the Workday Performance Management Guide for tip sheets, videos, and other helpful how-to guidance. 

Tip Sheets on the Introductory Period with Step-by-Step Instructions

Introductory Review Period

The introductory review for new hires and internal hires has three parts:

  1. An initial, goal-setting session conducted by the manager for the new hire
  2. An interim evaluation at the midpoint of the introductory period to report on performance to-date and reinforce expectations
  3. A closing evaluation, including a performance rating and recommendation to be completed by the end of the introductory period and acknowledged by the new hire

For more information about the Introductory Review Process for new hires and internal hires, review this detailed document.