Workplace Issue Resolution Program: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Workplace Issue Resolution Program?
What is mediation? Why is it included in the Workplace Issue Resolution Program?
Is the mediation process confidential?
How are the mediators selected?
Who are the mediators?
Does the University require the parties to participate in mediation?
At what point in the dispute resolution process will mediation take place?
Will I find out who the mediators are before the mediation session takes place?
Where will mediation sessions take place?
How long does the mediation process take?
Who should attend a mediation session?
What happens if a dispute isn’t resolved in mediation?
Are all disputes eligible for mediation?
Can the parties bring an attorney or other representative to the mediation session?
Are the parties required to pay for the mediation?
What happens if a party does not comply with an agreement reached in mediation?
Can information revealed during a mediation session be used during a panel hearing?
Does mediation work?
What are the other options?

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