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The University has specific responsibilities under federal, state and local laws which regulate the conditions under which employees' jobs may be terminated. These responsibilities must be met by the University regardless of the source of funds from which individual salaries are paid. Any individual who disregards this policy and terminates the employment of an employee improperly assumes responsibility for any penalties, liabilities and expenses which may arise out of that action and may be subject to discipline up to and including discharge.

Nothing contained in this policy is intended to create legally enforceable contractual rights.


Separations may be either voluntary or involuntary. Voluntary separations include resignations, quit without notice, medical necessity, and retirement. Involuntary separations include staff reductions due to lack of funds or lack of work, completion of contract, discharge for unsatisfactory job performance, and misconduct or serious misconduct.

When a staff member is separated from the University, it is the responsibility of the home department to document the termination, stop payroll and stop benefit premium payments. Any costs for benefits premiums that arise from incorrect entry in PennWorks are the responsibility of the department and may be charged to the department. In addition, the former staff member's University identification card (except those of retiring employees), keys, all library books and other University property must be returned to the University.


Departments should use the following codes to ensure accurate personnel records and to permit proper determination of eligibility for unemployment compensation:

*These codes require supporting documentation and approval by DHR / Staff & Labor Relations.

Staff Reduction
*01Position discontinued
*03Lack of funding
04Completion of contract
06End of appointment
Termination for Cause
*20Not qualified
*21Excessive unexcused absence or lateness
*22Unsatisfactory performance
*23Misconduct, violation of rules, or serious misconduct
40Accepted new job (academic)
41Accepted new job (non-academic)
42Marriage or domestic obligations
43Dissatisfied with pay
*44Personal reasons
*45Quit without notice
47Returned to school
*48Dissatisfied with working conditions
49Student job ended
30Normal Retirement
31Early Retirement
Other Types of Separation
60Medical necessity


Policy Number: 623
Effective Date: 9/1/1991
Supersedes Policy Number(s): 708
Applicability: All Regular Staff Members
Cross-reference: Policy 001Policy 621Policy 624Policy 626Policy 627Policy 628Policy 629Policy 630

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