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Resignation is a voluntary separation from the University with notice on the part of the staff member.

A staff member paid on a weekly or hourly basis is expected to give at least two (2) weeks notice and a staff member paid on a monthly basis is expected to give at least four (4) weeks notice. Notice should be in writing.

A staff member who resigns is entitled to payment for any accrued but unused paid time off. There is no pay continuation or payment for unused sick days. If the effective date of resignation is a University holiday or falls during the special winter break, the staff member is not eligible for payment for the holiday or special winter break unless the staff member works the workday following the holiday or special winter break.

It is good practice for the supervisor to acknowledge the resignation in writing and the supervisor should assure that the resignation is properly documented in PennWorks. To record a resignation properly, the supervisor should enter the resignation in PennWorks indicating the reason for the staff member’s termination by using the appropriate code. If there is a question concerning which code should be used, the supervisor should contact the Division of Human Resources/Staff and Labor Relations.


The University complies with the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1986 (COBRA) by extending to eligible staff and their eligible dependents the right to continue benefit coverage under the medical, dental and vision plans if coverage would be lost by reason of a qualifying event. Coverage is available for the period prescribed by law (18 or 36 months) at the individual’s expense, including an administrative charge. Eligible staff members are those eligible to enroll in one or more of these plans when a qualifying event occurs. Eligible dependents are spouses, domestic partners and dependent children, i.e. children up to 19 years of age or 23 years of age if a full-time student. Qualifying events include voluntary or involuntary termination, other than for reasons of gross or serious misconduct; voluntary or involuntary reduction of hours of work; death; divorce; a dependent child’s loss of dependent status; and an employee’s election of Medicare benefits as his or her primary coverage.

Policy Number: 626
Effective Date: 5/17/1999
Supersedes Policy Number(s): 626 (09/01/1991)
Applicability: All Regular Staff Members
Cross-reference: Policy 623Policy 624Policy 627

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