Policy Manual

Search Committee

Individuals convening search committees are urged to seek advice from Human Resources with respect to University recruitment and selection procedures.

A member of the staff of Human Resources will act as an advisor to the principal Hiring Officer or to the chairperson of the search committee to ensure compliance with University policies and procedures.

Procedures for searches and consideration of candidates for certain specific positions are set forth in the Handbook for Faculty and Academic Administrators and The Bylaws of University Council. (Copies may be obtained from the Office of the Secretary of the University.) All search committee members should be directed to sign the Search Committee Confidentiality agreement.  See Search Advisory Confidentiality.

In addition, consultative committees may be established at the discretion of the Hiring Officer to advise on the screening and hiring of candidates for any key position. A key position is one which has significant impact on various internal and external constituencies.
A Hiring Officer who establishes such a consultative committee should include members of affected constituencies and should consider Penn’s commitment to diversity when selecting committee members.

All search committee names, titles and notes related to the hiring process must be documented and included with the hiring proposal.

Policy Number: 103
Effective Date: 12/10/2014
Revised Date: 03/19/2019
Last Reviewed Date: 07/01/2019
Supersedes Policy Number: 106, 103 (09/01/1991)
Applicability: Staff Hires
Cross-reference: Staff Requisitioning, Recruitment, Selection, Reference Checks, Employment Offer, and Offer Letters - Policy 101, Employment Advertising - Policy 102, Posting of Position Openings - Policy 104

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