Policy Manual

Identification Cards

Each faculty and regular staff member will be issued a photo identification card (PennCard) while a member of the University community. The PennCard is the property of the University of Pennsylvania and is not transferable. It should be carried at all times and presented upon the request of any University official.  

The PennCard shows the individual's name, photograph, signature, and Penn ID number; there is also magnetically encoded identification on the card.  


All faculty, regular staff, or students can obtain PennCards at the PennCard Center located on the second floor of the Penn Bookstore at 3601 Walnut Street. PennCards are issued based on primary affiliation with the University. For example, a Teaching Fellow would obtain a student identification card.  

Staff members whose appointments are processed through Human Resources do not need to show evidence of their status as University employees to obtain a PennCard. Faculty will present a form signed by their department business administrator as evidence of University status.  

There is no charge for the initial PennCard. There is a charge for replacement of a PennCard, except when replacement is necessitated by a change of name or change of identification.  

The loss or theft of a PennCard should be reported promptly to the PennCard Center during regular business hours or to Public Safety after regular business hours.  

You do not need to obtain a new replacement card in the following cases: an employee changing from weekly-paid to monthly-paid status; an employee changing home departments; an employee changing from staff to faculty, or vice versa; or a student changing from undergraduate to graduate, or vice versa.


A faculty or regular staff member who terminates employment with the University for any reason other than retirement must return his/her identification PennCard to the department business administrator at the time of separation.

An individual who retires retains his/her PennCard as evidence of continued affiliation with the University.


Policy Number: 204
Effective Date: 12/03/2014
Supersedes Policy Number(s): 119, 204 (02/01/1990, 07/12/2002, 05/18/2005)
Applicability: All University Employees
Cross-reference:  Policy 205

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