Policy Manual

Employment of University Students

The University encourages employment of students to fill temporary or part-time positions. Students are available throughout the school year and often during vacation periods; many have special skills and training that may be useful on the job.

To fill a temporary or part-time position with a student, consult Student Employment Office.

Policies in addition to those below may be promulgated under the direction of the Provost.

Administrators are advised to consult the Student Employment Office regarding student employment policy matters.


A full-time student (one who is enrolled in three or more courses) may not be employed in a full-time position with the University. A student's primary responsibility is his/her academic achievement and work cannot be a priority for a student. The Student Employment Office advises that 20 hours of employment per week is the maximum for undergraduates and graduates; this applies to both work-study students and student workers.


Students are entitled to the legal hourly minimum wage. The Student Employment Management System (SEMS) is the mode by which faculty and staff can create a work-study job on-line. The job level and wage rate are also determined by using SEMS.


Policy Number: 109
Effective Date: 12/03/2014
Supersedes Policy Number(s): 116, 109 (09/01/1991, 10/01/2002)
Applicability: Student Hires
Cross-reference: Policy 108Policy 114Policy 301

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