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Employment of Members of the Same Family

University policy permits the employment of more than one member of a family (including parents, siblings, spouse, and children), whether or not the persons concerned are in the same academic or administrative department. The University’s sole concern in such appointments, as in all others, is that faculty or staff members are the best candidates with respect to the requisite academic or administrative qualifications for employment. However, the University recognizes that the appointment of two or more family members, especially within the same department, may lead to abuses or generate pressures and prejudice among colleagues. To guard against such conflicts, the following practices should be observed:


Faculty and staff are welcome to refer relatives who are interested in working at the University to the Division of Human Resources/Recruitment and Staffing.

Employment decisions are based on each applicant’s qualifications and work history.

University policies and procedures governing hiring practices must be followed.


Faculty and staff members are not permitted to participate or influence in any way the hiring, promoting, termination, salary, performance evaluation, or vital decisions concerning the employment of his/her family members. A faculty or staff member may not directly supervise his/her family.

Any individual who makes an unauthorized offer of employment or a significant change in conditions of employment involving a family member assumes responsibility for and penalties, liabilities and expenses that may arise out of that action.


A person under consideration for employment who has a relative employed by the University in the same department, or in a department for which the relative has direct administrative responsibility, may be employed if there is a compelling reason.  In such cases, written permission must be obtained from the dean of the school or vice president of the area.

While general responsibility for assuming adherence to this policy must rest with those responsible for appointments and assignments, a particular responsibility for sensitivity to the potential conflicts falls on the family members.


University employees who are covered by a collective bargaining agreement should refer to the appropriate contract article, not to this policy.


Policy No: 110
Effective Date: 12/04/2014
Supersedes Policy Number(s): 108, 110 (02/01/1990)
Applicability: All Faculty & Staff
Cross-reference: Policy 101Policy 104Policy 108

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