Policy Manual

Frequently Asked Questions: Performance and Staff Development Plan

For Supervisors

FAQ: Performance and Staff Development Plan - Supervisors

Yes, in lieu of completing the standard performance appraisal form in the Online Performance Appraisal System, you may complete a custom document, e.g., appraisal letter or memo.  Templates for these alternative formats can be found on the Human Resources website at https://www.hr.upenn.edu/myhr/payandperform/appraisal/performance-management-programs.  Once you complete the appraisal memo or letter you must upload it to the Online Performance Appraisal System.  If you have questions about using custom appraisal documents, call your school/center Human Resources professional or Staff and Labor Relations at (215) 898-6093.

For Staff

FAQ: Performance and Staff Development Plan - Staff

Meeting your performance expectations should not be a mystery. Establishing a line of communication with your supervisor will enable you to gain a better understanding of your duties, performance expectations, and goals for your position. Once you have knowledge of what is expected of you, you can set personal goals to fulfill your assignments. You should also communicate with your supervisor on a regular basis regarding your progress at meeting the established goals and expectations. Always keep your supervisor informed of any problems or challenges you are experiencing in meeting the goals and expectations.
Your signature signifies that the performance appraisal has been reviewed with you and does not necessarily indicate your agreement with the assessment of performance. Additionally, once you sign your appraisal in the Online Performance Appraisal System you may submit comments on any aspect of your performance appraisal and planning process. These comments are shared with your supervisor via the online system. In addition, it is important to discuss your comments and concerns with your supervisor.

A staff member may ask for an administrative review of their performance appraisal when the staff member’s overall performance is described as "Unacceptable."

At all stages of administrative review, the staff member has the responsibility to show that the performance appraisal is inaccurate or that the Performance and Staff Development Policy was not followed.

Step I

After a staff member has signed their performance appraisal, with or without comment, s/he may elect to meet with the immediate supervisor to discuss why his/her overall performance is described as "Unacceptable."

The staff member must contact his/her immediate supervisor to schedule a meeting within 10 workdays of receipt of the performance appraisal.

The staff member must provide the immediate supervisor, in writing, the specific reason(s) for requesting the administrative review at least 2 work days prior to the scheduled meeting.

The supervisor should provide the staff member with a written response addressing the issues raised within 10 workdays after the meeting.

Step II

If the staff member is not satisfied with his/her immediate supervisor's response or a response is not provided, the staff member may elect to meet with the second level supervisor. The staff member must provide, in writing, the specific concerns to be addressed by the second level supervisor within 10 workdays of receipt of the first level supervisor's response.

The second level supervisor should provide the staff member with a written response within 10 workdays after the meeting. This response normally concludes the administrative review.

At any time during the administrative review, a staff member who believes that procedures used in the performance process were inconsistent with the policy may request that Human Resources review the procedure. The review will be limited to issues related to a determination of whether the policy on performance and staff development was followed. On the basis of the findings, Human Resources may request appropriate corrective action.

Only the staff member will be permitted to attend meetings with supervisors regarding performance appraisals. However, with the agreement of both the supervisor and the staff member, a representative of Human Resources may assist in facilitating the meeting(s) between a staff member and supervisor.