Policy Manual

University Sponsorship for U.S. Permanent Resident Status for Staff Positions


The University of Pennsylvania has occasionally sponsored individuals for permanent residence where the staff position is a "professional" one and where the department has substantiated that the position is of a reqular nature and verified that there are no available U.S. workers available for the position. In recognition that this verification is a difficult claim, at best, given the nature of staff positions at the University of Pennsylvania and given the potential for quality candidate pool of available U.S. workers for any staff position advertised, it therefore shall be the policy that the University will not sponsor persons for permanent residence status where it is supported by a reqular A-1, A-3, or A-4 position.


To the degree that an exception to this policy is warranted, the written request for exception must be compelling and must be approved by the Division of Human Resources, Recruitment and Staffing, prior to initiation of sponsorship activity.

Policy Number: 119
Effective Date: 2/1/1990
Supersedes Policy Number(s): N/A
Applicability: All Non-U.S. Citizens
Cross-reference: Policy 101

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