Tobacco Use and Smoking on Campus

704.1 POLICY

The University of Pennsylvania is committed to maintaining a healthy and safe learning, working and living environment for all members and guests of our community. It therefore is the policy of the University of Pennsylvania that all smoking and tobacco use (including the use of smokeless tobacco) is prohibited in all University buildings and facilities, including but not limited to all classrooms, residences, laboratories, work areas, common or lounge areas, conference or meeting rooms, hallways, dining facilities, libraries, facilities that host athletic events and activities (e.g., gymnasiums, stadiums), and restrooms. All smoking and tobacco use is also prohibited in all University  owned, leased/rented, or operated vehicles (e.g., Penn Bus, Facilities and Real Estate Services vehicles) and in designated Penn campus open spaces (including but not limited to Penn Park, Shoemaker Green, Edward W. Kane Park, College Hall Green, Locust Walk). In addition, all smoking and tobacco use is prohibited within twenty (20) feet of any entrance to a University facility or building. This policy shall apply to all University facilities and buildings inside and outside of the City of Philadelphia.

The policy covers all smoking methods, including but not limited to the use of electronic smoking devices, such as electronic cigarettes, cigars and pipes (e-cigarettes, e-cigars, e-pipes) and hookah-smoked products.


Compliance with the applicable law and this policy is the responsibility of all members and guests of the University of Pennsylvania community. Any person with concerns about the implementation of or compliance with this policy should refer the matter to his or her immediate supervisor or manager for resolution. If the matter cannot be resolved at this level, the concern should be referred to the Division of Human Resources, Staff and Labor Relations or the appropriate Dean, Vice President, Resource Center Director or their designees.

Policy Number: 704
Effective Date: 09/24/2015
Supersedes Policy Number(s): 903 and 704 (02/01/1992, 11/28/2006, 12/13/2013)
Applicability: All members of the University community
Cross-reference: Policy 001

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