Policy Manual

Position Reclassifications and Compensation Changes

(formerly Position Reclassification and Salary Adjustments)

A position reclassification is the assignment of a new job profile and/or grade profile to an existing position. Human Resources bases this change on an evaluation of the duties, responsibilities, scope, impact, and minimum qualifications of the position. The evaluation may result in a change to the job profile and grade profile; and, in some cases, to the job family.


A filled position is eligible for a reclassification review when there has been an authorized and necessary significant increase in that position’s scope, impact, complexity, responsibilities, and accountability such that the incumbent is required to exercise greater judgment and discretion, and to rely on a larger and more specific skill set than previously necessary in order to perform the work successfully.

A staff member must have at least six months of continuous service in his/her current position for the position to be eligible for a reclassification review. Individual Schools/Centers may have greater service length thresholds. Additionally, incumbents should have been successfully performing the new duties for a minimum of six months before a reclassification request is submitted to Human Resources. Human Resources reviews the request and determines an appropriate job profile/grade profile and/or compensation change.

Years of service, outstanding work performance, and/or an increase in the volume of work are not grounds for a position reclassification.

It is the responsibility of the supervisor to identify significant changes in job responsibility and to initiate a reclassification review. If a staff member and his/her supervisor disagree regarding the need to review a position, the staff member may contact Human Resources (215-898-7372), who may mediate between management and staff to effect a resolution.


Off-cycle adjustments to a staff member’s salary/hourly rate are designed to address issues due to pay compression, equity, market factors, or an increase in duties. They may be requested throughout the fiscal year; however, individual Schools and Centers may have different timelines. A staff member must have at least six months of continuous service in his/her current position to be eligible for a compensation change review. Individual Schools and Centers may have greater service length thresholds.  A staff member who currently is on a performance improvement plan is not eligible for a compensation change. Length of service alone is not considered a valid reason for a compensation change. Human Resources reviews the request and determines an appropriate salary/hourly rate.

A compensation review may result in 1) the staff member receiving an internal equity adjustment to align his/her salary/hourly rate with those of others in the department, School/Center, or University who are performing similar work at a similar level, and who possess similar skills and experiences that are directly relevant to the position; or 2) the staff member receiving an external-market-based adjustment to his/her salary/hourly rate; or 3) no change to the staff member’s salary/hourly rate.

In addition, a Request for Compensation Change should be submitted to Human Resources when the schedule of a staff member in an exempt position changes to or from full-time, part-time, or limited service; but he/she retains the same duties and the same rate of pay.


Human Resources will determine the effective date of any reclassification and/or compensation change. No reclassification or compensation change may be effective prior to the beginning of the current fiscal year.


University staff members covered by collective bargaining agreements should refer to the appropriate articles in their contracts.

Policy Number: 304
Effective Date: 04/01/2001
Last Reviewed Date: 11/06/2019
Revised Date: 11/06/2019
Supersedes Policy Number(s): 304 (09/01/1992)
Applicability:  All Regular Staff Members
Cross-reference: Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action - 004Staff Requisitioning, Recruitment, Selection, Reference Checks, Employment Offers, and Offer Letters - Policy 101,  Minimum Wage - Policy 301Classification and Salary of Staff Positions - Policy 303

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