Policy Manual

Classification and Salary of Staff Positions

The University of Pennsylvania's philosophy regarding   position classification and salary is to maintain position classifications and salary levels that are internally consistent and responsive to changes in economic indices.

Each school and center is guided by the University's over-all salary policies of appropriate pay geared to the work performed, incentive for personal achievement and growth, and flexibility to meet the challenge of a dynamic job market. Managers and supervisors are encouraged to promote a consistent and equitable pay program for their staffs.

The Dean, Administrative Unit Head and/or Resource Center Director has the primary responsibility to implement University salary policies and is accountable for job content and structure, incumbent assignment, and salary administration. The schools and centers will consult with Division of Human Resources (DHR)/Compensation in the administration of the pay program.


Staff positions are evaluated based on the duties listed in the job description and the compensable factors as detailed in the Position Information Questionnaire (PIQ). The results of the evaluation establish position classification, job title and salary range for each job within the University’s compensation structure.

Each position is assigned a specific job title and grade based on the evaluation of job content. There are twelve (12) grades for all staff positions (exempt and non-exempt) and eight bands for designated Information Technology positions. Some senior level administrative positions are assigned to a non-numerical grade category, known as "ungraded" (UNG). Two other categories, "medical" (MED) and "research" (RES), are graded into a "market grade" and apply to a very limited group of positions.


Upon initial hire, the salary offer is based on the candidate’s qualifications related experience and skills relative to the position's requirements. Pay equity within the organizational unit and the University are also reviewed. Staff will not be paid below the minimum or above the maximum of the job’s salary range. Initial salaries should be discussed with the Human Resources Compensation Department before an offer is made according to Policy 101.


University employees covered by collective bargaining agreements should refer to the appropriate article in their contract

Policy Number: 303
Effective Date: 04/01/2001
Supersedes Policy Number(s):  303 (09/01/1992)
Applicability:  All Regular Staff Members
Cross-reference: Policy 001, Policy 004, Policy 301, Policy 304

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