Policy Manual

Reciprocal Credit for Service

The University maintains a reciprocal agreement with the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP) under which regular, full-time service at this institution is counted as University service for an employee who transfers from HUP to the University. Conversely, HUP gives service credit for time as a regular, full-time University employee when it accepts a University employee who transfers. Credit for prior service is granted as outlined in this policy below. The Vice President of Human Resources for the University of Pennsylvania, in consultation with the Provost, must approve any additional entities to this policy. 

411.1 Prior Service

Credit for prior service is granted where an individual with one or more years of regular full time service terminates employment at an approved entity and then is employed at the University in a regular full time position within a period of ninety (90) calendar days.

411.2 Introductory Period

Employees who transfer to the University are subject to an Introductory Period consistent with Policy 618.

411.3 Sick Leave

When the employee transfers to the University within ninety (90) calendar days of termination of employment from an approved entity, up to twenty-four (24) days or 192 hours of accrued sick leave transfers with the employee and is credited to their sick leave balance at the University. Sick leave also transfers when an employee leaves the University of Pennsylvania to begin employment at HUP.

411.4 Paid Time Off

Prior service credit is recognized for calculation of the appropriate Paid Time Off accrual rate for the transferring employee. No paid time off or vacation balances transfer with the employee to the University.

411.5 Tuition

Employees whose service is bridged under this policy are eligible for tuition benefits for themselves and their eligible dependents consistent with the policies for tuition assistance policies for University staff and faculty members and scholarship policies for dependent children and spouse/same-sex domestic partners.

411.6 Tax-Deferred Retirement Plan Benefit

The University provides retirement benefits for all eligible employees. For employees eligible to participate in the Tax-Deferred Retirement Plan, any service with an approved entity counts toward the plan’s one-year waiting period

411.7 Continuous Service 

Certain benefits are based on continuous University service. Continuous service is defined as non-interrupted service with the University. Service at an approved entity will not be counted towards the continuous service requirement. Benefits that are based on continuous service include but are not limited to Retiree Medical and the calculation of pay continuation under the Position Discontinuation and Staff Transition Program.
Example: Employee A resigned from HUP after working six years as a regular full time employee. The employee was hired at the University two months after leaving HUP. The date of service that the University would use for the calculation of benefits based on continuous service would be the date the employee began work with the University. 

411.8 University Staff Who Are Covered By Collective Bargaining Agreements

University staff covered by collective bargaining agreements should refer to the appropriate article in their contract. 

Policy Number: 411
Effective Date: 07/01/2016
Supersedes Policy Number(s): 402 (02/01/1978), 615 (07/01/1989), 411 (02/01/1990), 411 (04/15/2004)
Applicability:  All Regular Full-Time Staff
Cross-reference: Policy 404, Policy 406, Policy 407, Policy 408, Policy 409, Policy 410, Policy 607, Policy 612, Policy 613, Policy 618, Policy 628

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