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2017 Performance and Staff Development Program

3/10/2017 10:39:20 PM

Beginning March 14, 2017, staff and supervisors should use the Online Performance Appraisal System to complete self-appraisals and annual performance appraisals. Performance appraisals for all eligible regular staff should be completed and entered into the Online Performance Appraisal System by June 1. The Online Performance Appraisal System can be accessed at

Open and effective communication is essential when it comes to enhancing performance and achieving goals. The Performance and Staff Development Program (the annual performance appraisal program) provides staff and supervisors with a formal process to enhance communication and promote a productive work environment.

The performance appraisal process provides benefits for both the staff member and the supervisor, such as:

  • Providing documented feedback on job expectations, performance and accomplishments from the past year
  • Offering positive reinforcement as well as developmental feedback
  • Allowing staff members to participate in goal-setting
  • Setting performance expectations and goals for the upcoming year
  • Encouraging open communication between staff and supervisors
  • Promoting discussion of professional development opportunities and the competencies required to be successful in their job
  • Ensuring that job performance and accomplishment information is recorded in each staff member’s official personnel file.

Valuable information on the performance appraisal process can be found on the Human Resources website at . Here you’ll find a variety of materials to guide you in completing quality appraisals and providing effective performance and professional development feedback.

For more information on the Performance and Staff Development Program, contact your school or center Human Resources professional or the Division of Human Resources at (215) 898-6093.