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Models of Excellence Program

Congratulations to the 2015 Models of Excellence program award winners!

On March 24, the 2015 Models of Excellence Award, Pillars of Excellence Award, and Model Supervisor Award honorees were recognized at a special ceremony in Irvine Auditorium.

If you know a Model of Excellence, learn how you can nominate your Penn coworkers for an award.

The Models of Excellence program is an important reminder of the remarkable contributions our staff make to Penn’s success every day. Over the last 15 years, the program has honored more than 500 staff members for their outstanding achievements.

About Models of Excellence

Do you work with someone who shows special initiative or demonstrates outstanding leadership? Have you noticed that one of your colleagues excels at fostering workplace collaboration, or shows an especially deep commitment to service? If so, then you recognize a model of excellence when you see one.

The Models of Excellence program was introduced to encourage excellence, provide inspiring role models, and recognize innovative staff accomplishments.

The program helps Penn staff feel more connected to the University’s successes. It positively affects not only those who are recognized, but also their fellow nominees, those who submit nominations and references, the people who work with the honorees, and the honorees’ families and friends—all of whom are invited to the springtime award ceremony and reception.

The Four Awards

The Models of Excellence program has four award components. Learn about the standards and nomination process for each, as well as the current and previous winners and nominees.

  • Models of Excellence Award Since 1999, this award has recognized staff member accomplishments that reflect initiative, leadership, increased efficiency, and a deep commitment to service.
  • Commitment to Excellence Since 2004, this award has recognized outstanding commitment to the University in extraordinary situations.
  • Model Supervisor Award Since 2007, this award has honored supervisors who are successful and constructive contributors to Penn's success. 
  • Pillars of Excellence Award Introduced in 2014, this award recognizes the important support our non-exempt, weekly-paid staff members provide to promote Penn’s success.

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