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The Model Supervisor Award

Congratulations to the 2016 Model Supervisor Honorees!

The 2016 Model Supervisor Award goes to Rosemary Nissley of Information Services and Computing.

Congratulations to the 2016 Model Supervisor Honorable Mention Winners!

This year, the Model Supervisor Award Honorable Mention winners are Gary Garofalo of Business Services and Erika Gross of Student Services.
                              Gary-Garafalo-120px                                             Erika-Gross-120px
The annual Model Supervisor Award, established in 2007, is given to a Penn supervisor who demonstrates exemplary behaviors and serves as an outstanding role model.

Model Supervisor Behaviors

These behaviors reflect the University’s standards for a Model Supervisor and are used by the Selection Committee to identify individuals who qualify for this award:

    • Applies fairness and consistency to all actions.
    • Communicates goals and expectations clearly and holds staff accountable.
    • Provides tools for achievement.
    • Removes unnecessary barriers to accomplishment and assists with problem solving.
    • Provides feedback in a constructive way and manages issues in the workplace.
    • Treats all with dignity, respect, and integrity.
    • Collaborates with other peers and organizations and supports an environment of collaboration.
    • Empowers everyone to achieve their best and offers development opportunities for future growth.
    • Understands and supports work life balance.
    • Appreciates the contribution that a diverse workforce offers, and supports efforts to sustain a diverse workforce.
    • Safeguards and manages assets and institutional resources for the greatest support for institutional goals.

Congratulations to the 2016 Models of Excellence Program Honorees

This year, Penn's Models of Excellence Program honors 79 exceptional staff members who play key roles in Penn’s successes every day.

On April 21, 2016 the Models of Excellence, Pillars of Excellence, and Model Supervisor honorees received their awards at a special ceremony in Irvine Auditorium. Click the links below to see who was chosen.

Models of Excellence Honorees

Pillars of Excellence Honorees

Model Supervisor Honorees

Thanks to all the members of the Penn community who submitted nominations to the Selection Committee, and to the Selection Committee members who reviewed and chose this year's honorees from a great group of nominees.

Look for the call for 2017 nominations in September!


The Nomination Process

Nominations for the Model Supervisor Award are due in the fall for contributions made during the previous fiscal year (July 1- June 30). Any member of the Penn community can nominate a Model Supervisor.

We’re looking for supervisors who are role models and exemplify the Model Supervisor Behaviors. You may nominate staff supervisors of any level, except senior academic or administrative leaders of a school or center. They must supervisor at least two Penn staff to be considered.

The nomination process is detailed, and all its components must be completed before the nomination can be accepted.

The Models of Excellence Nomination Guide provides all of the information you need to complete this process.

Follow these steps:

  1. Review the Nomination Guide.
  2. Complete the two components of the nomination application:
    1. Part 1:
      1. gather general nominee information
      2. write narrative
      3. submit online before the published deadline
    2. Part 2:
      1. request and collect requisite forms for each award type
      2. Send to before the published deadline
Questions? Call 215-898-1012 or contact us by email.

Selection and Notification

An annually rotating Models of Excellence Selection Committee reviews all nominations and selects finalists. The committee is representative of the diversity of our institution, composed of Penn leaders from the Provost, Executive Vice President, and Vice President of Human Resources areas previous Models of Excellence award winners, and other faculty and staff members from across campus.

The winner is notified in January. Human Resources then surveys a randomly selected cohort of his or her staff for feedback on the Model Supervisor behaviors.

Awards, Ceremony and Reception

The individual chosen as the Model Supervisor receives $500 and a symbolic award. The other finalists receive $250 and a symbolic award.

The next award ceremony and reception for honorees will take place on March 28, 2017 in Irvine Auditorium. All members of the campus community are invited; more information will be provided as the date approaches.

2016 Honorees

Congratulations to Rosey Nissley, winner of the 2016 Model Supervisor Award.

model-supervisor-honorees-200px-webOn April 21, 2016, Rosey Nissley of Student Services, received this year’s Model Supervisor Award at the Models of Excellence ceremony in Irvine Auditorium. Nissley was selected from field of outstanding nominees, including Gary Garofalo of Business Services and Erika N. Gross of Student Health Service.

Learn about previous Model Supervisor honorees and their achievements.

Questions? Call 215-898-1012 or contact us by email.