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The Models of Excellence Award

Congratulations to the 2016 Models of Excellence Honorees!

The Models of Excellence program recognizes notable staff member accomplishments at Penn that reflect initiative, leadership, increased efficiency, and a deep commitment to service.


Standards of Excellence

These Standards of Excellence are used by the nominators and the Selection Committee to identify individual staff members or teams as Models of Excellence for their notable contributions to the mission of the University that go above and beyond performance and job expectations.

Congratulations to the 2016 Models of Excellence Program Honorees

This year, Penn's Models of Excellence Program honors 77 exceptional staff members who play key roles in Penn’s successes every day.

On April 21, 2016 from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. in Irvine Auditorium, the Pillars of Excellence, Models of Excellence, and Model Supervisor honorees will recieve their awards at a special ceremony. Click the links below to see who was chosen.

Pillars of Excellence Honorees

Models of Excellence Honorees

Model Supervisor Finalists

Thanks to all the members of the Penn community who submitted nominations to this year's Selection Committee, and to the Selection Committee members who reviewed and chose this year's honorees from a great group of nominees.

See you at the Models of Excellence Award ceremony on April 21!


  • Supportive practices, procedures, and policies
    • Brings about significant positive change for the University’s mission.
    • Eliminates significant obstacles to achieving the University’s mission.
    • Resolves, in unique and/or novel ways, problems that impede progress.
  • Innovative and proactive leadership
    • Uses highly effective and/or novel practices to inspire and lead others to contribute constructively to the University’s mission.
    • Proactively identifies and resolves challenges that interfere with team/unit/school/center activities to further the University’s mission.
    • Encourages a coordinated effort by a complex group and facilitates the group’s ability to meet complicated goals.
  • Extraordinary service to key constituencies
    • Supports internal and/or external constituencies in ways that exceed expectations and result in unexpected and very positive outcomes that support the University’s mission.
  • Substantial cost-effectiveness
    • Identifies improvements to University practices, policies, and/or program designs that result in substantial cost savings or financial gain to the University while enhancing the organization’s ability to support the University’s mission.
  • Exemplary relationship building within and/or outside of the immediate organization
    • Develops and uses strong, constructive, and productive relationships that enable otherwise impossible goals to be met in support of the University’s mission.

The Nomination Process

Nominations for Models of Excellence awards are due in the fall for contributions made during the previous fiscal year (July 1–June 30). We seek nominations of significant achievements—above and beyond job and performance expectations—to model excellence for the campus. Please consider nominating a deserving staff member or team; we welcome nominations from any level of the organization, including self-nominations.

The nomination process is detailed, and all its components must be completed before the nomination can be accepted.

The Models of Excellence Nomination Guide provides all of the information you need to complete this process.

Follow these steps:

  1. Review the Nomination Guide.
  2. Complete the two components of the nomination application:
    1. Part 1:
      1. gather general nominee information
      2. write narrative
      3. submit online before October 29
    2. Part 2:
      1. request and collect requisite forms for each award type
      2. Send to before October 29


Questions? Call 215-898-1012 or contact us by email.

Selection and Notification

An annually rotating Models of Excellence Selection Committee reviews all nominations and selects the award winners. The committee is representative of the diversity of our institution, composed of Penn leaders (including the Provost, Executive Vice President, and Vice President of Human Resources), previous Models of Excellence award winners, and other faculty and staff members from across campus.

Once staff members are chosen for Models of Excellence recognition or accorded an Honorable Mention are notified in January, and the information is publicized broadly to the Penn community. Honorees are acknowledged at the spring Models of Excellence Award Ceremony.

Awards, Ceremony, and Reception

Models of Excellence winners receive $500.00 and a symbolic award. Extremely noteworthy staff member contributions receive Honorable Mentions and are awarded $250.00 and a symbolic award.

The next award ceremony and reception for honorees will take place in spring 2016 in Irvine Auditorium. All members of the Penn community are invited. More information will be provided as the date approaches.


2016 Models of Excellence Award Winners

Penn Wellness/Be in the Know Team: for the implementation of a University-wide health initiative that has engaged over 4,200 University employees on a wellness path.

Amy Blake, Human Resources
Chris Blickley, Human Resources
Stephanie Brown, Human Resources
Elizabeth Devietti, Perelman School of Medicine
Matt Gauntt, Human Resources
Tamika Graham, Human Resources
Ashlee Halbritter, University Life
Moriah Hall, Perelman School of Medicine
Sheila Hall, Human Resources
Rebecca Huxta, University Life
Chris Hyson, Human Resources
Karen Kille, Human Resources
Soncerae Lewis, Human Resources
Erica Schulke, Human Resources
Sara Solomon, Perelman School of Medicine
Katrina Terrell, Human Resources
Geri Zima, Human Resources

Penn Wharton China Center Project Team: for creating a space that fosters and strengthens Penn’s faculty and student relationships with Penn’s Chinese partners and supports outstanding research opportunities

Dan Alig, The Wharton School
Jessie Burns, Provost's Center
Laura Cavender, President's Center
Leo Charney, Provost's Center
Christina Cook, President's Center
Edwin Datz, Facilities and Alumni Relations
Tara Davies, Development and Alumni Relations
Malini Doddamani, The Wharton School
Jeffrey Edwards, Information Systems and Computing
Stefan Frank, The Wharton School
Amy Gadson, Penn Global
Eric Greenberg, The Wharton School
Yanan Guo, The Wharton School
Michael Hugel, The Wharton School
Marko Jarymovych, The Wharton School
Artemis V. Koch, Finance
Karuna Krishna  The Wharton School
Jimmy Lieu, The Wharton School
Anna Loh, The Wharton School
Maureen McGinness, The Wharton School
Amanda Mott, President’s Center
Alison Noji, Penn Global
Maria O’Callaghan-Cassidy, The Wharton School
Kelly O’Connor, Development and Alumni Relations
Janice Orlov, Provost’s Center
Roman Petyk, President’s Center
MaryAnn Q. Piccolo, Finance
Josh Piven, Provost’s Center
James Quinn, The Wharton School
Orna Rosenthal, Development and Alumni Relations
Charles Rumford, Information Systems and Computing
Elizabeth Santilli, The Wharton School
Scott Sharpe, Development and Alumni Relations
David Siedell, The Wharton School
Jane Simons, The Wharton School
John Singler, The Wharton School
Laura Park Smith, Facilities and Real Estate Services
Jerold Steinbrink, The Wharton School
Mark Wehrle, Information Systems and Computing

2016 Models of Excellence Honorable Mentions

The Division of Facilities and Real Estate Services (FRES) ACE Mentor Team: for their collaborative efforts to provide skilled mentors to a diverse group of minority community high school students in the areas of architecture, engineering and construction.

Mariette Buchman, Facilities and Real Estate Services
David Dunn, Facilities and Real Estate Services
Marilyn Jost, Facilities and Real Estate Services
Susan Long, Facilities and Real Estate Services

Springfield Mills Restoration Team: for their creative use of limited resources and funds to preserve and restore the Grist Mill at the Morris Arboretum.

Robert Gutowski, Morris Arboretum/Business Services
Thomas Wilson, Morris Arboretum/Business Services 

Wharton Course Match Team: for designing and implementing an innovative course allocation system that assesses and matches students with their individual preferences for their course of study.

Francis DeVecchis, The Wharton School
Alexander Lamon, The Wharton School
Jason Lehman, The Wharton School
Hugh MacMullan, The Wharton School
Amy Ortwein, The Wharton School
John Piotrowski, The Wharton School
Margaret Troncelliti, The Wharton School

Learn about former Models of Excellence honorees and view photo galleries of previous Models of Excellence Award ceremonies and receptions. Click here for more details.

Questions? Call 215-898-1012 or contact us by email.