Penn Employee Solution Center

The Penn Employee Solution Center is part of Penn’s Human Capital Management Transformation Initiative to improve our people-centered services and provide consistent, up-to-date responses to the Penn community's questions.

The Solution Center launched in late January 2018 to an early adopter group of Penn schools and centers. All schools and centers plan formal introductions to their faculty and staff before the end of the summer. In the meantime, the Solution Center welcomes the Penn community's questions.

New! Solution Center adds tuition benefits to its areas of expertise.

Our Vision

The vision for the Solution Center is to build a hub providing answers to the Penn community, offer optimal customer service and timely resolutions, accumulate an integrated knowledge base, and deliver an irresistible customer experience.

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Hours of Operation

Monday - Wednesday, Friday
9am - 5pm (Eastern Time)

9am - 4:30pm (Eastern Time)


Early Results Show Positive Impact

hand holding cell phone laptopThe Solution Center has solved thousands of inquiries – answering frequently asked questions, untangling complicated issues, and navigating through the Penn community resources on behalf of customers.

Retirement, Health and Welfare Questions

During the initial phase of the Solution Center, the Penn Benefits Center will continue to address health and welfare benefits questions, and the Penn Retirement Center will continue to service questions about retirement and from retirees. The Solution Center helps transfer calls to these service centers.

Penn Benefits Center:   1-888-PENN-BEN (888-736-6236)

Retirement Call Center: 1-877-PENN-RET (877-736-6738)