Resources for Prospective Faculty and Staff

There are resources that can help in the recruitment and retention of new faculty and staff members, before they accept a position at Penn or during the relocation process.

Area tours

Before a new faculty or staff member accepts a position at Penn, he/she may want to learn more about the Philadelphia area. Familiarization tours can be arranged under our relocation partnership with SIRVA Relocation. To arrange an area tour for a prospective faculty or staff member, please use SIRVA CONNECT:  

Spousal/partner career counseling assistance

Spousal/partner career counseling assistance can be arranged through our relocation partner by accessing SIRVA CONNECT:

Dependent care needs

For child care resources, assistance with finding schools, or services for dependent adults and elders, the University offers access to the Employee Assistance Program. Call Health Advocate at 1-866-799-2329 or see the information about Penn’s Work and Life Support programs.

Temporary housing needs

Occasionally, a new faculty or staff member may require temporary housing in the Philadelphia area before accepting a permanent position or until his/her family is relocated. Temporary housing can be arranged by accessing SIRVA CONNECT:  

Permanent apartment rentals

Information on apartments in the University City and Philadelphia area is available from the University of Pennsylvania’s Off-Campus Services.

Other information for prospective employees

At any point in the hiring process, you can point a prospective employee or new hire to information on the Philadelphia area.