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Hiring and Recruitment

Before Making a Hire

Penn Hiring Officers should review the information in the Hiring Officer Handbook and familiarize themselves with University hiring guidelines, including regulations related to Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity, before making a hire.


Penn’s Hiring Process

University policy requires that records related to the recruitment and selection process be retained for three years from the date the position is filled. The following documents are to be retained:
  • Job description (PIQ for staff positions).
  • Position posting and copies of any additional advertisements placed for the position.
  • Applications, resumes, and any cover letters received from applicants.
  • If a search committee is used, the names of the members of the search committee and the name and title of the person making the selection decision.
  • Names of candidates selected for interviews, notes taken regarding interviews (including questions and responses), rating or evaluation sheets and any writing samples provided or tests administered.
  • Reason candidate is recommended for hire (in the event an offer is declined, please note that for the relevant candidate and indicate whether another candidate in the pool was offered the position, or if the position was reposted or withdrawn), and notes from reference checks.

These documents must be uploaded to the summary page of the hiring proposal under "other documents" at the conclusion of the search process. Please note that the University is legally required to retain these records. A hiring officer's failure to do so may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

Recruiting and Staffing Updates

New and Improved Candidate Evaluation and Interview Forms

Upcoming Training Sessions

More OFCCP Compliance Training sessions will be scheduled soon. To register please go to the OFCCP Compliance Trainings listing.

Applicant Tracking System

To access applicant pools please login using your PennKey and Password here: Applicant Tracking System

If you are a first-time user, view the online training module before logging into the system. This training module provides general information about the applicant training system but please note that some things have changed - including the applicant dispositions. This training video should be supplemented with the Hiring Officer Handbook (which has more current content) and can be accessed on this page under 'Quick Links'.

Some key information in the ‘Hiring Officer Handbook’ that hiring officers have found useful are explanations about dispositioning candidates (e.g. applicant will not be selected for hire vs. applicant will be interviewed- send email), guidance on conducting interviews (e.g. what are illegal vs. illegal questions), and communicating with candidates not selected for hire.

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