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myHR: November 13, 2019

Quakers Basketball Heats Up at the Palestra

Penn's Women's Basketball Team cheering during game

If you are looking for exciting basketball, then head over to the Palestra to see the Quakers during Faculty and Staff Family Days with Penn Basketball. The women’s team will go up against Princeton on January 11 at 1 pm. The men’s team will take on Dartmouth on February 1 at 7 pm.

The Division of Human Resources and Penn Athletics invite benefits-eligible faculty and staff to cheer on the teams and enjoy game-night snacks and beverages.

The Family Day offer includes discounted game admission compliments of Penn Athletics, and a $5 concession coupon for each discounted ticket you purchase, compliments of Human Resources. Eligible faculty and staff can purchase a maximum of four discounted tickets.

Family Day tickets are $6.50 for the men’s game and $3.50 for the women’s game. Order tickets online and enter the code FAMILY, or click on the links below:

Men’s Basketball vs Dartmouth

Women’s Basketball vs Princeton  

You can also purchase tickets at the Penn Athletics Ticket Office located at Weightman Hall, 235 S. 33rd Street between Walnut and Spruce. Women’s basketball tickets will be on sale until January 8, 2020 and men’s basketball tickets will be available until January 29, 2020.

To get your $5 complimentary concession coupon(s), present your game ticket and your PennCard at the Human Resources table outside the entrance to Section 208 on the night of the game. Pickup will close 10 minutes into each game.

At this year’s men’s game, fans will be able to attend a special post-game autograph session. Also, Quaker basketball posters will be available at each game.

Go Quaker Hoops!

Keep Growing With Spring 2020 Professional Development

Growing Fern from the Morris Arboretum

If you’d like to nurture your talents and cultivate your skills in the New Year, Penn has you covered. Prepare to grow professionally by registering for Human Resources Learning and Education’s empowering professional development programs.

The Spring 2020 course booklet is available for download now. You can register for courses at

Half-Day Courses
Penn makes it easier to build professional development into your schedule and budget by bringing world-class, three-hour professional development courses to campus. Enrollment is available for a nominal fee—just a fraction of what you would pay for similar off-site programs. Classes like these will help you and your team overcome workplace challenges for better productivity:

Leading With Emotional Intelligence
February 4, 9 am-12 pm

Navigating Difficult Conversations
March 5, 9 am to 12 pm

Coaching Skills for Managers
April 7, 9 am to 12 pm

Taking Control of Conflict
June 11, 9 am – 12 pm

Free Brown Bag Learning Sessions
Learning and Education’s variety of lunchtime seminars and workshops fit most schedules and learning styles. A complete list of Brown Bag sessions is available in the course booklet. These popular courses are offered in the Biomedical Research Building (BRB) as well as in Penn’s 3624 Market Street training facilities.

Develop Your Presentation Skills
January 14, 12:30 pm-1:30 pm
April 16, 12:30 pm-1:30 pm

Challenging Negative Attitudes
February 4, 12:30 pm-1:30 pm
May 6, 12:30 pm-1:30 pm

Getting Work Done
February 18, 12:30 pm-1:30 pm
May 14, 12:30 pm-1:30 pm

Project Management
March 17, 12:30 pm-1:30 pm
June 16, 12:30 pm-1:30 pm

Leadership Development
Penn offers four outstanding leadership development programs: STEP UP, Essentials of Management, AMP UP, and Leadership@Penn. This spring, we’re accepting qualifying participants in each of these programs. Visit the Leadership Development page for registration and application details for each program.

Visit to see the complete lineup of professional development resources.

Think You Can Do Better?

Man climbing to higher heights

Successful job performance requires more than just knowledge, skills, and the desire to excel. It also takes a basic understanding of the psychology or thinking behind why we perform our jobs a certain way. For example, if a manager consistently submits sub-par spreadsheets to a business administrator, is it because he lacks skill in using the software or because he doesn’t have the right resources to create quality work?

Learn how psychology plays a critical role in overcoming work performance issues by attending the December 3 Psychology of Job Performance workshop, from 12:30 pm-1:30 pm at 3624 Market Street, Suite 1A-South.

“When a staff member is underperforming, many managers assume that there is a knowledge or skill gap, or that the staff member is incompetent or unmotivated to do better,” says Bryant Kuehner, Training and Development Consultant for Learning and Education, and workshop facilitator.

“However, the problem could be that goals or feedback aren’t communicated properly or that the employee doesn’t have the physical resources or equipment to allow them to maximize their performance,” he says.

The Psychology of Job Performance workshop connects job performance with behavioral science and motivation concepts. Workshop participants will learn how to use those concepts to diagnose performance issues and find the most efficient and effective ways to overcome obstacles to success. In the session, participants will be presented with several performance scenarios and asked to use the concepts to identify barriers to success.

By the end of the session, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the connection between job performance and basic principles of human behavior and motivation;
  • Identify the key factors of workplace performance;
  • Describe the difference in effectiveness between staff-centered interventions and workplace-centered interventions; and
  • Apply an understanding of these factors to “troubleshoot” performance issues on their teams and propose solutions.

Register here for the Psychology of Job Performance workshop and learn how to overcome job performance issues to bring success to you and your organization.

For more professional development opportunities, visit the Learn & Grow section of the Human Resources website.

Penn Offers Wintertime Backup Coverage for Caregivers

Little Latina girl playing in the snow

The winter season means cold, snow, potential school closures, little runny noses and a host of other events that may require you to find backup care for family members. That’s why Penn has a variety of programs and partnerships that help bring peace of mind.

Be prepared for winter weather surprises by keeping Penn’s backup care options  in mind.

Snow Day Child Care
This program, offered in partnership with the Penn Children’s Center, provides all-day child care for benefits-eligible faculty and staff when inclement weather closes schools in the School District of Philadelphia while the University of Pennsylvania remains open.

Snow Day Child Care is available December 2, 2019 through March 27, 2020 for children ages 12 weeks to 12 years. It is not a requirement that your child be enrolled in a Philadelphia school to participate.

The University covers most of the cost for Penn faculty and staff Snow Day Child Care, but there is a daily fee based on several factors including your Penn salary, the age of your children, and the number of children you place in care. Parents must register before there is a snow day by completing an online application . For more information, call the Penn Children’s Center at 215-898-5268.
Penn offers benefits-eligible faculty and staff backup care through If an elderly parent is visiting and needs extra assistance, your regular caregiver is out of town and you need another one, or you could use help after surgery, has got you covered.

Through, you can have temporary backup care in your home, at an out-of-town work location, or at an adult relative’s residence day or night, seven days a week, including holidays. puts you in touch with professionals who meet your family’s specific needs and expectations. The University covers some of the cost of this care through a subsidy program. Subsidies are based on your annual base salary and other factors, including the number of family members receiving care and whether special needs exist.

Penn offers benefits-eligible faculty and staff up to 10 days of subsidized backup child or adult care per fiscal year.

Child Care - Care is available for children who are 17-years-old or younger, typically in your home. You can also arrange to have the care at your business-travel location. can provide care for more than one child at a time, and children who are sick. Please keep in mind that only mildly ill children are eligible for care.

You can take your child to a vetted Backup Care Center. The safety team conducts on-site evaluations, audits, and annual re-credentialing for every Backup Care Center. The service is available across the country, Monday-Friday, during center hours. Visit for reservations and details.

Adult Care - Adults 18 years of age and older in your immediate or extended family are eligible for care whether they reside with you or not. Immediate or extended family includes your spouse, as well as your parents and parents-in-law, siblings, grandparents and adult children. You can also use adult care when you need personal assistance due to illness or injury.

Services include meal preparation, light housekeeping, laundry, prompting for medication, and assistance with bathing, dressing, and other similar daily activities. Care can be provided at the family member’s location, even if it’s in another city.

Senior Care – This benefit connects eligible faculty and staff with the support and guidance of experienced Senior Care Advisors. Advisors offer caregiving strategies, such as finding the appropriate level of care, proactively planning and paying for care, and assisting adult children whose parents do not want to accept care. The service also allows for free in-depth consultations with a Geriatric Social Worker.

While not required, it is best to register with in advance of requesting child or adult care placement so that basic information about you and your family is in the system, including your home address, names and ages of your children, and other pertinent details.

To request backup care, call 1-855-781-1303, Monday-Thursday, 7 am-8 pm and Friday, 7 am- 5 pm. If registered, you can also make a request through the Backup Care online system. If you are not registered, please visit

For more information about work-life benefits, visit

Suspension of Normal Operations

Traffic light covered in frozen icicles

Although Penn normally never stops operating, emergencies such as severe weather conditions may sometimes result in the cancellation of classes and/or the full or partial closure of certain areas of the University. Decisions affecting work schedules and class cancellation are made by the Executive Vice President in consultation with the Provost. The University will announce a closing or other modification of work schedules through the following means:

  • the University’s emergency information number: (215) 898-6358 (MELT)
  • communications from the Division of Public Safety
  • KYW News Radio (1060 AM)
  • the UPennAlert Emergency Notification System (for University-related incidents and crises)

The University’s emergency radio identification code numbers (KYW News Radio) are “102” for day classes and schools/centers, and “2102” for evening classes. The message that accompanies the code number will provide the operating status of the University. Be sure to keep this information in a place you can easily access.

Even when Penn is officially closed due to an emergency, there are some essential services that must still be provided, such as Public Safety, Facilities or Penn Dining. Staff members in essential positions are still required to work as normally scheduled under these circumstances.

For more information on suspension of normal operations, visit

Healthy Meals: Apple Crisp

Apple Crisp topped with rolled oats

This sweet, gooey and crunchy apple crisp is a feel-good delicacy. Warm Fuji apples, aromatic cinnamon, and vanilla topped with rolled oats makes for the ultimate fall dessert. Add a scoop of frozen yogurt for a cool finishing touch.

Find the recipe here.

Click here to send us your healthy recipes and tips. 

Did You Know? Fall Biometric Screenings End November 26

Time is running out for convenient on-campus Be in the Know biometric screenings this fall. Your free, confidential screening is Step 1 to better health awareness and up to $300 in Be in the Know incentives. There are just seven on-campus biometric screening clinic days left between now and November 26, so register today.



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