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myHR: June 12, 2019

Workday Makes Time Reporting Easier

Workday businesswoman glancing at watch while adjusting glasses

With the launch of Workday@Penn on July 1, the University is replacing its current assortment of time tracking methods, such as eTimesheets and timesheet documents, with a state-of-the-art unified system of record. This upgrade provides greater efficiency, personalized access, and transparency to staff and supervisors alike.

Starting July 1, University staff will use Workday for time reporting. All weekly-paid non-exempt staff, including temporary and student workers, will report their hours worked and time away from work, such as paid-time off, each week in Workday. Supervisors or designated administrators will use Workday to review and approve these weekly timesheets. Monthly-paid staff will request time off in Workday.

New time reporting requirements for weekly pay also go into effect on July 1. For all individuals paid on an hourly basis:

  • Your time must be entered into Workday each week in order to receive a paycheck for that week.
  • Weekly timesheet submissions are due by Sunday at 9pm Eastern Time.
  • If you use a physical time clock system to report for the week, you will continue to punch in and out as before. Your time clock data will automatically feed into Workday for review and approval.
  • You’ll receive a notification automatically when your timesheet is approved by your supervisor and Workday timekeeper.
  • If special circumstances prevent you from accessing Workday, your manager or a designated timekeeper may enter time on your behalf.

You will be able to log in to Workday from your desktop, laptop or smart phone 24/7 anywhere you have internet access. Workday’s time reporting applications guide you through the data entry process with simple, intuitive text and graphics. They’re as easy to use as familiar software such as Outlook or Google Calendar.

If you’d like to learn how to use the Workday Time application in advance, an interactive Workday Time Entry training webinar is available online now. Tips sheets are also available with step-by-step instructions.

You can also contact the Penn Employee Solution Center at or (215) 898-7372 with questions.

For an overview of Workday’s features, visit

Changes to Applying for a Leave of Absence

Calendar with leave Post-It in the center

Are you thinking about applying for a leave of absence from work? If so, changes are coming to how staff will request Family Medical Leave (FML), Short-Term Disability (STD), and Paid Parental Leave (PPL).

Effective July 1, 2019, you will apply for FML and PPL through a self-service portal in Workday. Additionally, the University of Pennsylvania will be working with a third-party administrator, Broadspire, to review and approve all new leaves and will determine whether your leave qualifies for STD.

To apply for FML or PPL you will need to log into Workday and follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the Workday “Time Off and Leave Application”

Step 2: Click on “Request Leave of Absence”

Step 3: Enter the “First Day of Leave” and the “Estimate Last Day of Leave”

Step 4: Click on Leave Type “FMLA” and scroll down to locate the type of FMLA leave you are requesting

Step 5: Once the request is submitted, you will receive a notice to contact Broadspire.

To complete your leave request, call Broadspire after July 1, 2019 at 866-357-1122. Please keep in mind that your submission will not be complete until you call Broadspire and provide the required information. Broadspire will determine whether your leave will qualify for short-term disability and will supply you with the appropriate paperwork.

After July 1, 2019, no FML, STD or PPL paperwork should be sent to the FMLA Administrator at the University or to your department HR administrator.

Administration of any leaves that are in progress as of July 1, 2019 will automatically be transferred to Broadspire. A Broadspire representative will contact you about taking over administration of your leave.

If you are currently on an approved FML, PPL or STD Leave, there will be no changes to your approval status.

If your request for a FML, PPL or STD leave is pending as of July 1, 2019, Broadspire will take over the review process and will communicate a decision to you. Any certification form(s) you had previously submitted to Penn will be shared with Broadspire. Any new certification form(s) you need to submit as of July 1, 2019 should be mailed or faxed to: Broadspire Services Inc., PO Box 14773, Lexington, KY 40512; Fax: 859-550-2744.

For more information about time off, visit the Disability, FMLA, PPL and Other Time Away From Work website.

Time to Update Your Personal Information

Man on laptop updating his personal information

Spring is a busy time of the year as you may make travel plans, maybe schedule summer camp for the kids, and prepare other seasonal activities. To make sure important mailings from Penn arrive at the right place, take time to review and update your personal information such as your home address and emergency contact information.

The University will transition to Workday@Penn on July 1, 2019, allowing you to easily update your information through Workday, but if you plan to make changes to your information before then, there are some important dates for you to remember:

June 12, 5pm Eastern Time – is the last day to make changes in the current system to your direct deposit information.

June 18, 5pm Eastern Time – is last day to make changes in the current system to your personal information such as home address, email address, mobile phone number, and emergency contact information.

If you don’t have a chance to update your information before these cutoff dates, your data will convert automatically to Workday@Penn. During the week of July 1, you will receive an email with instructions to log into Workday@Penn and check your personal information. Easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions for navigating Workday and making changes to your pay elections and personal information are now available.

Integration of the Penn Directory with Workday@Penn is a companion project. At this point in time, if you update your Penn or Public Profile or emergency contact information, please also update pertinent personal information in Workday@Penn.

For more information about Workday, visit the Workday@Penn website at

Joy Azikiwe Named HR Person of the Year

Joy Azikiwe receiving the HR Person of the Year Award

If you know Joy Azikiwe, then you know that she does not get nervous. But when the Associate Director of Staff & Labor Relations, HRIM/Records, and Strategic Initiatives in Human Resources sat in a ballroom among 500 HR professionals, family and friends waiting to hear if she would be named Delaware Valley HR Person of the Year, her hands were shaking.

 “At events I’m usually in the crowd networking and talking to people, but the night of the awards ceremony I was just sitting back and taking it all in because I was so nervous about whether I would win,” she says.

“When I heard my name called, I was shocked, so I froze for a minute, but I finally stood up and hugged whoever was around me. My mom came around the table jumping and screaming because she was so excited, and that made me cry,” she says.

The Delaware Valley HR Person of the Year Award was developed in 2001 to celebrate the Human Resources industry and to recognize those in the HR profession who demonstrate outstanding achievement within the Philadelphia region’s human resources community. Each year nominees and their colleagues, family and friends come together in a ceremony considered the Emmys of HR to honor their efforts and achievements in the field.

This year, HR professionals working in organizations ranging from higher education to media to banking competed for the award in three categories: HR Rising Star of the Year-Junior and Senior Level; HR Consultant of the Year-Small and Large Company; and HR Person of the Year-Small, Medium, Large, and Mega Company. Azikiwe was presented with an award in the HR Person of the Year-Mega Company category in late May, but securing the win was no easy feat.

The process began with an initial nomination from Louis Lessig, who is past president of the Tri-State HR Management Association, the New Jersey State Legislative Director for Garden State Council-SHRM, and the New Jersey State Director-Elect for Garden State Council-SHRM. Lessig had been following Azikiwe’s career progression.

After the nomination, Azikiwe went through a rigorous month-long application process. The nomination committee received more than 200 applications for consideration. In February, Azikiwe learned that she was one of five nominees in her category, and among 54 nominees for the HR Person of the Year award.

“I nominated Joy for HR Person of the Year because I believe that when people are doing great work we should take a moment to step back and recognize their efforts and that is what I have seen in Joy for some time,” says Lessig, also Partner at Brown & Connery, LLP.

“The award is affirmation of what her peers see in her and how special she is to elevating the HR profession and the manner in which HR does its work,” he says.

In her role Azikiwe is responsible for supporting, developing and maintaining comprehensive staff and labor relation plans. She also works closely with the Vice President of Human Resources on institutional wide opportunities and objectives.

“Joy is respected by all levels of the organization, from entry-level staff to world-renowned faculty,” says Jack Heuer, Vice President for Human Resources.

“For Joy, and Penn, to be recognized is another reminder of the inclusion, innovation, and impact the University provides to the Philadelphia region,” he says.

The Delaware Valley HR Person of the Year Award is a joint effort between Chester County Human Resources Association, Delaware County SHRM, Delaware SHRM, Greater Valley Forge HR Association, HR Association of Southern New Jersey, Philadelphia SHRM, and Tri-State HR Management Association chapters of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

This is not Azikiwe’s first award as an HR professional, and it’s not likely to be her last. Azikiwe has been at Penn for five years. In that time the single mother of three children has successfully navigated her work while being enrolled in a dual doctorate program at Thomas Jefferson University and serving as an adjunct professor at Rowan University and Wilmington University.

“I can’t stop. Now that I have received this award I need to make sure that I continue, stay driven and stay motivated,” Azikiwe says.

“I’m constantly looking for more that I can do.”

Supplemental Retirement Annuity Plan Conversions

Blue percentage symbol towering over white toppled dollar signsDo you participate in the Supplemental Retirement Annuity (SRA) Plan? If so, your contributions may be affected by the upcoming conversion, which was announced in April.

As part of the transition to Workday@Penn, Penn’s retirement plans will have a new enrollment system. The current system allows contribution elections to be made as either a flat-dollar amount or a percentage, but the new system only will accept contribution elections as percentages.

In April, SRA Plan participants received a letter with instructions for converting contribution elections to percentages. If your SRA Plan contribution was stated as a flat-dollar amount on June 12, it will be automatically converted to the equivalent percentage of your base pay (which does not include overtime, shift differential, etc.). If you would like to contribute a different percentage, you can make that change through the new enrollment system. Visit the Retirement webpage for more information or call the Retirement Call Center at 877-736-6738.

No changes will be made to contribution elections for Penn’s Matching Plan since this plan already accepts contribution elections on a percentage-only basis.

If you need help with confirming or adjusting your SRA Plan contribution, please call the Penn Retirement Call Center at 877-736-6738, Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm Eastern Time.

Freeze on contribution changes during the transition

You should have received a notice in the mail stating that you will not be able to make changes to your salary deferral elections from June 13, 2019, through July 8, 2019. You can also read the notice here.

Are there any potential differences between a flat-dollar contribution and its equivalent percentage?

Yes. A flat-dollar contribution will be the same every pay period, regardless of any fluctuations in your pay. A percentage contribution will vary along with any fluctuations in your base pay. If you are a part-time or temporary employee currently contributing to the SRA Plan and have hours that vary from week to week, your contributions could be affected.

For more information about Penn’s retirement plans, visit

Healthy Meals: Pineapple-Chicken Stir-Fry

Pineapple Chicken Stir Fry

Fresh red onions, zucchini, pea pods, and boneless chicken breasts are stir-fried with juicy pineapple pieces to put a tropical twist on this classic stir-fry recipe. Pairs best with brown rice.

Find the recipe here.

Click here to send us your healthy recipes and tips.

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