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myHR: January 23, 2019

Kelly J. Andrews’ Move from Wharton to SP2

Kelly Andrews

Kelly J. Andrews is the Center for High Impact Philanthropy's new Director of Knowledge Management and Marketing, but she’s not new to Penn. Andrews transferred to the center last fall after being a part of the Wharton School Marketing & Communications team since 2002.

Moving from business school communications to a center within the School of Social Policy & Practice might seem like a huge leap, but Andrews views the transition as a logical step in her career path.

“This is a role that I’ve always been working toward,” says Andrews.

Before Andrews joined the center, which produces research and guidance to help philanthropists achieve greater social impact with their donations, many of the stories she covered as Senior Content Producer in Wharton Marketing & Communications focused on social impact.

“A lot of the times those were the projects that really attracted me and those were the stories I really wanted to tell.” Now, as a part of the High Impact Philanthropy group, Andrews can delve deeper into social enterprise by working with Katherina Rosqueta, the center’s Executive Director, and Hahn La, Director, Applied Research and Analysis. La focuses on creating knowledge while Andrews works to share it through publications and other channels.

Although Andrews was happy in her previous position, when the opportunity to work for Center for High Impact Philanthropy appeared, she applied for the job.

“When you’re happy, you can wait until you see something that’s perfect so that when the thing that’s right comes along you’re ready for it as opposed to feeling like you have to take something that may or may not be right.”

Part of being ready for a career move is keeping up with developments in your field while maintaining core abilities. In the years that Andrews worked for Wharton, communications and marketing went through many transformations and so did her job. Andrews says, “There’s been a lot of opportunity to grow with the role.” Social media expanded, production changed from an annual schedule to a constant stream of content. Through it all, her fundamental writing skills served her as new technologies came along. One of the best aspects of her work remains the same.

“As a content creator I get to ask people those deeper questions. That’s what’s really fun.”

As marketing and communications changed, so did Andrew’s home life. As her family grew, she was able to continue her career as a part-time staff member, then shift back into full time work when she wanted to do more. In recent years, Andrews also found time to become a published children’s book author. Along the way, she’s established great relationships with her Penn coworkers.

“They’re some of the smartest and most dynamic individuals I know.”

One of her mentors is Karuna Krishna, who is now Director of Creative Services, Wharton Marketing & Communications. As Andrews’ first supervisor at Penn, she encouraged her to stay up to date.

“She’s a strong believer in always learning more and learning the next thing. She…still gives me that advice.”

“Nobody knows everything,” says Andrews. “Penn is really a dynamic place.” That’s why reaching out across schools and centers has been vital to her University career. In addition to meeting communications professionals in other departments, Andrews connected with others as an Eco Rep and through working with the Penn’s Way campaign.

“I’ve stayed here at the University because I feel connected to the school.”

Video Live Stream the Next HCM Town Hall

Sunrise over a digital grid

Workday@Penn will launch on July 1, 2019. A cloud-based, integrated, modern system, Workday@Penn will replace many of the current technologies that manage human resources, payroll, and other human capital management-related processes for faculty and staff.

Learn more about Workday@Penn and other aspects of the Human Capital Management (HCM) Transformation Initiative, including training and transition activities we can expect in the next few months. Register to attend the next town hall in-person or watch a video live stream on Wednesday, February 27, 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. ET.

For registration information, visit the Workday@Penn website,

With Workday@Penn, faculty, staff, and student workers will enjoy simplified, efficient, modern processes that provide more access to their own information. For those who have more complex process and management responsibilities, known as HCM stakeholders, Workday@Penn will also offer dramatically improved transparency, real-time information, and a platform expected by a 21st century workforce.

For periodic news on the project, subscribe to our newsletters. HCM Flash provides easy-to-read, brief items on the user experience. Workday Advance provides information on key changes for the highly impacted HCM stakeholders. Subscription information is on the Workday@Penn website. Logging in with your PennKey provides you the full, rich content.

Form 1095-C to Arrive Soon

A young man and woman look at a form.

Although there has been a lot of public discussion about possible changes to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), federal law still requires that Penn send the 1095-C tax form to certain benefits-eligible faculty and staff members. This form includes information about the health insurance coverage offered to you by Penn as well as information for each of your family members enrolled under your Penn benefits plan.

You will receive this form if you:

  • worked as a full-time benefits-eligible staff or faculty member in 2018, even if you have not enrolled in a Penn plan,
  • are a part-time benefits eligible staff or faculty member enrolled in a Penn benefit plan at any point in 2018, or
  • worked at Penn an average of 30 or more hours per week in 2018 and were offered ACA benefits coverage.

The 1095-C form will be mailed and available online on or before February 28, 2019. To access your form online, go to the My Pay section of the secure U@Penn portal at, select “My 1095-C form.”

If you have questions about your form, call Equifax at 855-823-3728. When prompted for your employee ID number, enter your social security number to speak to a customer service representative.

While you do not need to attach your 1095-C to your tax return when filing, keep it for your records as it provides proof of qualifying health coverage.

The IRS uses the information from the 1095-C to determine who will need to make a Shared Responsibility Payment for failing to have healthcare coverage as required by the Affordable Care Act.

For general information about Form 1095-C, visit the IRS webpages Q&A about Form 1095-C and Affordable Care Act & Taxes at a Glance

Healthy Meals:Turkey Chipotle Chili

bowl of turkey chili

Whether you’re hosting a Super Bowl party or you just want to enjoy a hearty cup of chili, give this simple recipe a try.

Find the recipe here.

Click here to send us your healthy recipes and tips.


Did You Know? You Can Track Your Courses. training is available to all Penn faculty, students, and staff with a valid PennKey. To track your Lynda coursework in Knowledge Link, register for courses at If you don’t wish to record your Lynda coursework in Knowledge Link, simply take it at For details, visit Penn Integrates with Knowledge Link.



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