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myHR: July 11, 2018

Your Enhanced Penn Employee Assistance Program

Father and son talking on a benchAs part of the University’s commitment to the wellbeing of faculty and staff through all of life’s phases, Penn now offers enhanced Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services provided by Health Advocate.

The EAP is a timely, no-cost, confidential support for you and your family designed to help you better balance the demands of work and life. The EAP services cover you, your spouse, dependent children, your parents, and parents-in-law.

“We strive to ensure that you have the best possible support through all of life’s phases, and we believe you and your family will greatly benefit from Health Advocate’s expanded EAP services,” said Jack Heuer, Vice President, Human Resources. 

Penn’s EAP service now include:

• Access through phone, video and app-based technologies
• Availability of telephonic counseling
• Timely scheduling of routine EAP counseling appointments
• Multi-language capabilities

You can contact an EAP counselor by telephone 24/7 or by email. Counselors will help you learn coping skills for stress, depression, parenting issues, substance abuse, and other temporary setbacks. In addition, work-life specialists can help you locate support resources.

Call, email, or webchat for short-term problem resolution with a counselor or get a referral for long-term support and help with:

• Stress, anxiety, depression, and other emotional challenges 
• Coping with change or grief
• Personal and work relationships
• Financial planning, debt management, and legal issues
• Manager consultations

To contact Penn’s EAP services:
call 1-866-799-2329, 

email, or
Learn more about the benefits and services available to you through Penn’s partner, Health Advocate, at the July 17 Health Advocate and EAP Orientation at 11am to noon on July 17. Register online for this free information session.

For questions related to the Penn Employee Assistance Program and the full range of faculty and staff work-life benefits, contact

Creating a Career Action Plan That Works  

Two Female Professionals Talking Building a successful career takes time, but it also requires careful planning. If you’ve been thinking about your next career move, how to create a powerful network of professionals, and where to access the right resources to achieve your career goals, attend the Tools for Career Assessment and Development workshop. 

This workshop is designed to give you career building tools whether your goal is to change careers or positions within your current field. The workshop will be held July 26 from 12:30-1:30pm at 3624 Market Street, 1A South. Bryant Kuehner, Training and Development Consultant, HR Learning and Education, will facilitate this free workshop.

“There are lots of opportunities for people at Penn to grow in their careers,” said Kuehner. “This workshop provides the sorts of tools and techniques you would need to help create the career path for yourself.”

The workshop covers:  

Understanding types of career movement: A career lattice will be used to demonstrate the different ways staff can move around at Penn. “We have a career lattice…because people can move sideways, up, or even down as a way of propelling their careers forward if they want to,” Kuehner said.  

Conducting a career analysis: Evaluate where you are currently in your career. Identify your values, and the things that you like and don’t like about your current job. Consider what you want to see and would like to achieve in your next position. 

Performing a career gap analysis: Do you have potential knowledge and/or skills gaps that need attention? Learn how to identify those gaps and develop a plan to overcome them. 

Using SWOT Analysis: Identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to help determine the direction of your next career path.

Building solid networks: Assess the current state of your professional network and identify strengths and opportunities for enhancing that network. “Networking is one of the best things you can do for your career at Penn. It is good to have a really robust professional network that you can call up about positions. Forming reciprocal relationships with people naturally earns social capital that could be helpful in a new position.”

Seats are filling up fast for Tools for Career Assessment and Development, so register now and put your career action plan to work. 

For more information about Learning and Education programs, visit

SEPTA University City Station Service Change Update 

University City Station SEPTA’s Arsenal Interlocking Reconstruction Project will enter a new phase next month: the Southwest Connection Improvement Program. Round-the-clock construction is scheduled for Saturday, August 4 – Sunday, August 19 (including weekdays), affecting the regional rail lines that normally stop at University City Rail Station:


During the infrastructure rebuild, there will be no Airport, Media/Elwyn, or Wilmington/Newark line train service to University City Station. Express service will be discontinued, service levels will be adjusted, and most trip travel times will increase. Rail service to the University City Station area will be replaced by shuttle busses. The University City shuttle bus stop will be at 33rd and Spruce Streets.

Train and shuttle bus departure times will differ from the regular schedules. Please check for important details, schedule updates, and service options.

Rail Passengers are advised to allow extra time getting to and from their destinations or consider alternative transportation. The construction work will also impact areas next to University City Station. Other commuters may be affected due to increased traffic on the roads next month, especially when weekday construction takes place.

If SEPTA’s infrastructure project will disrupt your travel to and from campus, consider flexible work options. Penn encourages supervisors to consider flexible scheduling or to facilitate remote work--when appropriate--to allow staff members to commute safely while maintaining productivity. Staff members are advised to consider the organizational needs of their department and to communicate with their supervisor before requesting adjustments to their schedule or work location.

Please visit the University’s Flexible Work Options webpages for guidelines and recommendations for staff and supervisors.

Healthy Meals: Grilled Salmon and Avocado Salad 

Grilled Salmon Salad in a bowlThis heart-healthy salad is packed with lean protein, Omega-3s, and fiber thanks to the powerful combination of salmon and avocado. 

Find the recipe here.

Click here to send us your healthy recipes and tips.


Did You Know: Penn Offers Locker Storage to Bike Commuters 

If you bike to work or around campus and need a place to safely store your personal items, Penn has a space for that. Tse Center at Hutchinson Gym provides locker rentals and locker room access at discounted rates for valid PennCard holders. For more information, contact the Membership Services Office at Penn Recreation



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