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myHR: May 1, 2019

Be in the Know Put Robert Piasecki on Track for Wellness

Robert Piasecki with Broad Street Run medallion

Last year Design and Construction Project Manager Robert Piasecki participated in his first Be in the Know campaign. “The stars aligned for me with a new job at Penn and making a push to have wellness and a personal work life balance,” says the Facilities and Real Estate Services staff member. “The Be in the Know program just seemed in good synergy with looking for that balance.” Piasecki went on to become a Be in the Know VIP, earning more than 350 total points for the 2017-2018 campaign year.

To Piasecki, the convenience of Be in the Know was irresistible. There were free Be in the Know biometric screenings in the building where he works. “If they’re doing bloodwork in the conference room during the daytime while you’re here, there’s no reason not to get your stats checked.” The incentives kept him motivated.

Participating in Be in the Know gave Piasecki an extra push to take care of himself. When he learned about the Be in the Know VIP program, it drove him to do even more. He says that without the program, he wouldn’t have seen a nutritional counselor and he might have skipped his annual physical exam. “In your mid-thirties, you think you’re indestructible,” he jokes, but as a husband and father of two, he knows his wellbeing has serious value. “Having little kids, you want to be healthy for longer, right?”

The combination of nutritional counseling and Piasecki’s renewed commitment to exercise produced more than Be in the Know points; it lead to measurable improvements in his fitness. “I actually managed to lose about 20 pounds last year and drop my cholesterol,” says Piasecki. But he didn’t stop there. “I managed to go from not running at all to doing two half-marathons by the end of the year.” He brought home a Broad Street Run medallion along with his Be in the Know cash incentives and VIP gear.

This year, Piasecki is on track to earn a new set of points for completing Bonus Actions, Be in the Know’s health-related action steps. In addition to his regular morning runs, Piasecki tries to get in a lunchtime run at least once a week. “After a lunchtime run, you actually feel recharged to go to sit down and get back to what you need to do. Just doing something physical, you feel healthier and have more energy.”

You don’t need to run a marathon to earn Be in the Know VIP status. There are Bonus Actions for every level of wellness and area of interest. Learn how you can become a Be in the Know VIP and discover the range of Bonus Actions you can complete to earn points, plus improve or maintain your wellbeing at work and beyond.

Ways to Manage Successful Teams

Group of people giving fist bump

Whether you’re a seasoned supervisor or leading a department project for the first time, building your team management skills is essential in today’s workforce. By effectively managing staff you can enhance their engagement, improve the team’s productivity, and promote individual development.

The Managing Teams workshop, held May 23 from 9am-12pm, will show you how to lead staff members successfully and produce results for you and your organization.

This workshop covers the various aspects of team leadership such as:

  • Establishing groups – Find ways to collectively establish the team’s purpose and objectives. Understand the role purpose plays in engagement and job satisfaction. Learn how to create ground rules for working together.
  • Clarifying roles – Explore role definitions and the need for both task and process roles. Understand diverse work styles and the effect of individuals on the team.
  • Facilitating meetings – Learn how to implement best practices for meetings, such as having agendas in advance. Recognize the four different kinds of meetings—information gathering, information dissemination, problem-solving, and decision-making.
  • Handling conflict – Discover task vs. relationship-based conflict. Understand the role of perceptions and personal impact. Practice engaging effectively and learn the value of productive conflict.
  • Rewarding accomplishments – Learn the impact of monetary and non-monetary rewards, and how to use recognition as a reward.

Effective management is an ongoing process that requires constant and consistent effort, but when done well it has a positive effect on individual members and the organization at large. Register today for the Managing Teams workshop and put your team on a path to success.

Your department will be charged $75 for this half-day workshop.

Be in the Know Spring Wellness Activities

Woman Walking in Penn Park

Penn’s 2018-2019 Be in the Know campaign goes beyond biometric screenings. As the weather warms up this spring, you can earn points for wellness activities and receive up to $300 for the campaign year.

Step 1 in Be in the Know is the biometric screening. If you missed the fall and winter on-campus screenings, you can still participate.

Register for our final on-campus screenings this campaign year at the links below:

May 9, 9:00am-1:00pm, Houston Hall, Hall of Flags

June 18, 9:00am-1:00pm, Houston Hall, Bodek Lounge

You can also submit screening results obtained by your own physician between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019. To earn credit, download a Be in the Know Biometric Screening Consent Form, fill out the form, then submit your results to AREUFIT Health Services, Inc., using directions on the form. The deadline to submit your biometric screening documentation for this year’s Be in the Know campaign is July 31, 2019.

Step 2 is taking StayWell’s online health assessment at Penn’s secure wellness portal,

When you complete Step 1 and 2, the Core Actions, you’ll earn your first 100 points and a $100 cash incentive.

Step 3, Bonus Actions, give you the opportunity to further impact your health and earn more. You can earn up to an additional 200 points and $200 in Bonus Action incentives. Chose from dozens of healthy Bonus Actions listed on the Be in the Know webpages. Qualifying activities include:

Use the Proof of Bonus Actions Form to receive credit for certain Bonus Actions.

If you rack up 350 or more total Be in the Know points during this year’s campaign, you’ll also reach Be in the Know VIP status and qualify for a special gift. You still have plenty of time to earn additional points and dollars, since the 2018-2019 campaign deadline is August 31, 2019.

Visit for full campaign details.

Healthy Meals: Grilled Chili Lime Chicken Fajita Salad

Chicken Fajita Salad

Tender chicken is spiced with a savory lime, garlic, cilantro marinade for this flavorful salad. Creamy avocado slices with grilled bell peppers and onions provide vitamins, fiber, and heart-healthy oil.

Find the recipe here.

Click here to send us your healthy recipes and tips   

Did You Know? Benefits Open Enrollment Ends May 3

Penn Benefits Open Enrollment will end this Friday, May 3. Now is the time to review your medical, prescription, dental, vision, and life insurance benefits elections for the 2019–2020 plan year. You can update your benefits coverage online at or call the Penn Benefits Center at 1-888-PENNBEN (1-888-736-6236) Monday-Friday, 8:00 am–6:00 pm, and Saturday, 8:00 am-5:00 pm (Eastern).