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myHR: Febuary 21, 2019

Penn Staff to Be Honored at the 20th Anniversary Models of Excellence Celebration

Models of Excellence 20th Anniversary Logo

Each year, the Penn Community celebrates the exceptional work of staff members throughout our schools and centers at the Models of Excellence ceremony. This year is extremely distinctive because it marks the program’s 20th anniversary.

Since 1999, the Models of Excellence program has received 3,200 nominations, recognized over 1,100 honorees, and attracted an estimated 7,500 faculty and staff members to Irvine Auditorium to cheer on their colleagues. The 2019 ceremony will increase those numbers when Penn recognizes 92 outstanding staff members who play key roles in the University’s successes every day. We are pleased to announce the honorees.

President Amy Gutmann, Provost Wendell Pritchett, Executive Vice President Craig R. Carnaroli, and Vice President for Human Resources Jack Heuer will present the awards to staff members. The awards are presented in three categories: Models of Excellence, Pillars of Excellence, and Model Supervisors. Each winner, whether an individual or team member, will receive $500 and a symbolic award. Staff members who have earned Honorable Mentions will receive $250 and a symbolic award.

To celebrate two decades of staff recognition, audience members will receive a commemorative 20th Anniversary gift bag with cheer items and a commemorative gift.

Please save the date because the entire Penn Community is invited to join the 20th annual Models of Excellence award celebration on Tuesday, April 23 at 4pm at Irvine Auditorium.

For more information about Penn’s staff honorees and the exciting Models of Excellence ceremony, visit

2019 Models of Excellence Honorees

Models of Excellence
The Models of Excellence Award recognizes staff member accomplishments that reflect initiative, leadership, increased efficiency, and a deep commitment to service.

The Admissions Branding Revitalization Team, Christine Clay, and Penn Marketplace Enhancements Team will be presented with the Models of Excellence award this year.

Admissions Branding Revitalization Team
Michael Guyer, Provost’s Center
Scott Kuchinski, Provost’s Center
Jenny Lackey, Provost’s Center
Justin Mazur, Provost’s Center
Louis Metzger, Provost’s Center

Christine Clay, Perelman School of Medicine

Penn Marketplace Enhancements Team
Sandra Ardis, Business Services
Kalyani Balasubramanian, Information Systems and Computing
Sarah Boyer, Division of Finance
Chris Bristow, School of Engineering and Applied Science
Brian Caputo, Business Services
LaTanya Carter, Business Services
Barbara Dilossi, Division of Finance
Janet Dwyer, Office of the President
Faina Goldman, Information Systems and Computing
Carol B. Henderson, Student Services
Vira Homick, Business Services
David Ishmael, Division of Finance
Jeanine Kleba, Information Systems and Computing
Bill Lockard, Wharton School
Mark Mills, Business Services
Ravi Musuku, Information Systems and Computing
Jason J. Nestor, Perelman School of Medicine
Grier Nori, Business Services
Renee Nowaczyk, Division of Finance
Kristy Owen, Division of Finance
Michael Popko, Division of Finance
Elyse Saladoff, School of Arts and Sciences
Debbie Schmidt, Business Services
Ian Semmler, Law School
Michele Tollok, Business Services
Paul Weidner, Division of Finance

Models of Excellence Honorable Mentions

The Houston Market Renovation Team, Varvara Kountouzi, The New Wharton Undergraduate Experience Team, Ronald O. Perelman Center for Political Science and Economics Project Team, and Stewardship Communications Team will receive Models of Excellence Honorable Mentions.

Houston Market Renovation Team
Douglas Berger, Business Services
Mariette Buchman, Facilities and Real Estate Services
Heather Coyne, Facilities and Real Estate Services
Michael Dausch, Facilities and Real Estate Services
Ke Feng, Facilities and Real Estate Services
William Gingrow, Business Services
Laurie A. Hall, VPUL Facilities and Events Management
Thomas Hauber, VPUL Facilities and Events Management
Monique Jerman, Facilities and Real Estate Services
Mark Kocent, Facilities and Real Estate Services
Pamela Lampitt, Business Services
Thomas MacDonald, Business Services

Varvara Kountouzi, University Library

The New Wharton Undergraduate Experience Team
Ufuoma Abiola, Wharton School
Kendal Barbee, Perelman School of Medicine
Bernadette Butler, Wharton School
Grace Conte, Wharton School
Frank De Francis, Wharton School<
Andrea Dolph, Wharton School
Aman Goyal, Wharton School
Celina Gray, Wharton School
Anne M. Greenhalgh, Wharton School
Jonathan Katzenbach, Wharton School
Lee Kramer, Wharton School
Linda J. Lee, Wharton School
Xiumei Long, Wharton School
Taylor Plunkett-Clements, Wharton School
Jenny Reyes, Wharton School
Scott J. Romeika, Wharton School
Bethany Schell, Wharton School
Utsav Schurmans, Wharton School
Catherine Smith, Wharton School
Meredith Stone, Wharton School
Elizabeth M. Sutton, Wharton School
Teran Tadal, Wharton School
Jenna Tesauro, Wharton School
Maher Zerkani, Wharton School

Ronald O. Perelman Center for Political Science and Economics Project Team
Edward Benfold, Facilities and Real Estate Services
John J. Blankemeyer, Facilities and Real Estate Services
Rennard Carmichael, Information Systems and Computing
Jeffrey Clark, Information Systems and Computing
Michael Dausch, Facilities and Real Estate Services
Thomas Ewing, School of Arts and Sciences
David Hollenberg, Facilities and Real Estate Services
Christopher Kern, Facilities and Real Estate Services
Sara King, School of Arts and Sciences
John MacDermott, School of Arts and Sciences
Pete Morgans, Student Services

Stewardship Communications Team
Valerie Harris, Development and Alumni Relations
Mekhi Johnson, Development and Alumni Relations
Stephen McElwee, Development and Alumni Relations
Melissa Marshall Nevadomski, Development and Alumni Relations
Tanisha Taylor, Development and Alumni Relations
Andrew Wade, Development and Alumni Relations
Nichole Wilson, Development and Alumni Relations

Pillars of Excellence
The Pillars of Excellence Award recognizes the important support Penn’s weekly-paid staff members provide to promote the University’s mission.

This year’s Pillars of Excellence Award will go to Lorenzo Jackson of Facilities and Real Estate Services.

Pillars of Excellence Honorable Mentions
Honorable Mentions go to Lapis David Cohen of the University Library and Jose Colon of Facilities and Real Estate Services. 

Model Supervisor
The Model Supervisor Award honors supervisors who are effective and productive leaders for the University.

This year Eugene “Gene” Janda, from the Division of Public Safety, will receive a Model Supervisor Award.

Model Supervisor Honorable Mentions
Honorable Mentions go to Vicki J. Berkowitz of the School of Veterinary Medicine and Chris Mustazza from the School of Arts and Sciences.

We would like to thank the 2019 Selection Committee consisting of people from across the Penn community: administrators, faculty, weekly-paid staff, supervisors, and past Models of Excellence honorees for their thoughtful efforts. This year, the selection committee carefully reviewed 32 nominations, all submitted in support of worthy staff contributions. Honorees were selected based on their distinguished efforts and the impact they have made on the University. 

Visit the Models of Excellence website for ceremony details. 

Congratulations to all this year’s Models of Excellence honorees, honorable mentions and nominees! 

A Full Picture of Your Rewards

Black woman smiling and excited while opening envelope

Penn invests in its faculty and staff by providing competitive compensation, but working at the University earns you more than just a paycheck. Penn provides a total compensation package to full-time faculty and staff that includes financial rewards, as well as many other benefits that enhance your professional and personal well-being. Your annual Total Compensation Summary provides a full picture of the rewards of working at Penn.

This personalized statement is an overview of your salary or wages, paid-time-off, healthcare, retirement contributions, tuition benefits, disability benefits, wellness activities, work-life programs, discount programs, as well as any additional compensation for the 2018 calendar year.

Your 2018 Total Compensation Summary will be mailed at the end of March, so please review and update your home address on the U@Penn Portal. After you log in to the U@Penn Portal with your PennKey and password, look under the “My Personal Data” tab, select “My Profile,” then update your home address as needed. You will also be able to view and print your summary at

For more information about Total Compensation, visit

Penn's Background Check Process for Programs Involving Minors

Students surrounding instructor during high school discussion

Penn offers hundreds of programs, services, camps, and other activities that enrich and educate children year-round. Ensuring the continued safety and well-being of those who participate in these programs is paramount. That’s why the University of Pennsylvania has improved its background check process for programs that involve minors.

Improvements to the process, which include the Protecting Minors on Campus Policy, allow required background checks to be completed with greater continuity and accuracy. At the Protecting Minors on Campus webpage, school and center representatives can quickly request a background check for staff members, an FBI Fingerprint Clinic, an information session, and get access to several background check and safety resources.

The background check process applies to all University faculty, staff, postdoctoral trainees, students, and volunteers who have direct contact with children under the age of 18 who are not Penn students. The background checks will be conducted prior to an employee working with minors and will be renewed every five years. This process takes place in addition to standard background checks conducted at the time the employee is hired.

Background checks for employees and volunteers working with minors consist of three parts:

  1. A report of criminal history record information from the Pennsylvania State Police;
  2. A child abuse history clearance certification from the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services; and
  3. A report of Federal Criminal History Record information, generated by fingerprints transmitted to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  

Faculty, staff, and students who have passed the first two parts of the process can begin work or volunteer while awaiting the results of part three; but, in accordance with Pennsylvania law, they will not be able to work or volunteer alone with children until the full background check has been completed.

The background check process will be implemented University-wide. Each school and center will designate a representative responsible for overseeing and implementing the background check process with support from Human Resources, Recruitment Services. These representatives will identify which programs, activities, and services are bound by the policy, and will work with Human Resources, Recruitment Services to coordinate the completion of required background checks, secure the appropriate clearances, and analyze the background check results.

For detailed information about the background check process, review the new policy, and visit the Protecting Minors on Campus webpage.

Plan Ahead for Your Staff Performance Appraisal

Two men talking in a conference roomPrepare for Penn’s annual staff performance appraisals by attending a free upcoming seminar.

The University’s performance appraisal process is an opportunity for both supervisors and staff to reflect, assess, and plan for the future. You can make it a valuable experience for you and your entire team.

Join us at a convenient seminar for step-by-step guidance through the performance appraisal process. Whether you’re new to Penn’s process, want a refresher, or would like guidance on addressing specific performance issues, you’re sure to leave the session prepared. 

Register today on Knowledge Link.

Performance appraisals are due June 1, 2019. You can begin uploading performance information as early as March 18 when the 2019 Annual Performance Appraisal module becomes available online at

Supervisors who already drafted 2019 appraisals for their staff in the online system can share the appraisals with their staff members starting March 15.

For more information, visit Human Resources’ Performance Management web pages

Achieve Retirement Savings Goals During America Saves Week

Hand dripping water onto a plantSavings for retirement is on nearly everyone’s financial to-do list. The sooner you start saving, the more time you have for your money to grow, but it’s never too late to begin. Use America Saves Week (February 24-March 2) to refocus your retirement planning efforts. 

Each day, America Saves Week features a different daily savings theme to support you and your savings goals. The resources on the America Saves website can steer you in the right direction and keep you on track. Here are a few tips to help you make saving a habit:   

  • Set reachable goals – Creating a plan that fits your budget and goals can help you stick to it. 
  • Pay yourself first – Setting up automatic deposits can help make saving a routine so you don’t have to remember. 
  • Use the right tools – Using financial calculators can help you track your progress and see if changes are needed. 
  • Protect your accounts – Taking some simple steps may help ensure your savings won’t end up in the wrong hands. 

Find more on savings tips on the TIAA and Vanguard websites, and take the America Saves pledge at

You can also schedule a free on-campus counseling session with a representative from one of Penn’s retirement savings plan providers to help you with your investment choices.
Counseling Session with 
Schedule online or call 800-732-8353

Counseling Session with Vanguard:
Schedule online or call 800-662-0106, ext. 14500 

If you need to reschedule your appointment, please remember to contact the provider. 

Healthy Meals: Walnut-Rosemary Crusted Salmon

Walnut-Rosemary Crusted Salmon with lemon wedges

Celebrate Heart Awareness Month with two excellent sources of heart-friendly omega-fatty acids. This delicious, flavorful salmon crusted with walnuts pairs well with a simple salad, potatoes, and quinoa.

Find the recipe here.

Click here to send us your healthy recipes and tips.


Did You Know? Form 1095-C Is Available

IRS Form 1095-C includes information about the health insurance coverage offered to you by Penn.  These forms were mailed and are available online in the My Pay section of the secure U@Penn portal at While you do not need to attach your 1095-C to your tax return, keep it for your records.  If you have questions about your form, call Equifax at 855-823-3728.