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myHR: September 19, 2018

Get Ready for Be in the Know Biometric Screenings

Group of excited runnersIt’s time to focus on your health and well-being with Penn’s Be in the Know 2018 - 2019 wellness campaign. The campaign, part of Penn Healthy You, gives you an opportunity to engage in numerous activities to maintain or improve your health while earning extra cash. This year, you can receive up to $300.*

Participation involves 3 Steps to Success

Step 1: Biometric Screening
Step 2: StayWell’s Online Health Assessment
Step 3: Bonus Actions 

The biometric screening and online health assessment – Steps 1 and 2 – are the two Core Actions required to earn your first 100 points and $100. 

Start with a Free Biometric Screening
Take the first step to learning more about your health by registering now for your free, confidential biometric screening. This screening provides you with key indicators of your health status, including blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and blood sugar. Last year, we broke our record and completed over 6,100 biometric screenings!

Quick and convenient screenings are available at various Penn locations October 9 through November 30. If you miss this window, look for a select number of on-campus screenings in 2019. You can also choose to submit results obtained by your own physician between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019. To earn credit, submit a Biometric Screening Consent Form with your results to AREUFIT Health Services, Inc. 

Complete StayWell’s Online Health Assessment
The online health assessment is a brief questionnaire administered through Penn’s wellness portal partner, StayWell Health Management. It’s the second step to earning your first $100* Core Actions incentive. The updated StayWell portal for this year’s campaign will be available October 8, 2018. To complete StayWell’s online health assessment on or after October 8, visit StayWell

Take Charge of Your Health with Bonus Actions 
This year’s Be in the Know campaign offers more Bonus Action options, with certain higher point values, making it easier for you to earn an additional 200 points for a total of $300 this year. 
Bonus Actions are health-related action steps to maintain or improve your well-being, plus earn additional points and incentives. Choose from a variety of activities on campus, at home, and through StayWell. Choose any action steps to earn up to an additional $200* in Bonus Action incentives.

Other Highlights This Year
In addition to our 3 Steps to Success model, this year’s Be in the Know campaign offers new Bonus Actions, including a focus on financial wellness, meeting with the Registered Dietician of your choice, additional StayWell online programs, and more.

Again, you may choose to collect all of your Be in the Know incentives as a Penn Recreation credit or in your paycheck. 

Returning biometric screening participants can earn extra points through the “Bring a Friend” bonus. Find a new participant and attend the same screening appointment together to both earn 10 Bonus Action points, after verification by AREUFIT Health Services. In order to be eligible, the new participant can’t have completed a biometric screening from Fall 2017 - Summer 2018. 

If you earn 250 Bonus Action points throughout the year, you’ll receive VIP status and a special gift on top of the maximum cash incentives, after the campaign year ends.

All returning Be in the Know participants will be entered into a prize drawing for an iPad. 

Check for complete program details and notices. 

*You must be an active full- or part-time benefits-eligible faculty or staff member to participate.
All cash incentives are less applicable payroll taxes. Incentives will be issued in November 2018, and monthly from January – September 2019, in paychecks or as Penn Recreation credits. Payment times depend on when you complete the Core Actions and qualifying Bonus Action.

Secrets to Developing a Powerful Presentation

Woman making a presentationDoes the idea of giving a presentation make you anxious? Fear is the main reason why most people avoid presenting or struggle to deliver a powerful performance, but you can learn to feel and look confident during your next workplace presentation. The secret is being prepared. With the right tools and preparation, you can captivate your audience and get your message across clearly. Penn’s Develop Your Presentation Skills workshop will show you how.

This free, on-campus workshop will be held September 25, from 12:30-1:30pm. In this class you will learn presentation fundamentals including:

  • The four "musts" to creating a presentation high in audience appeal;
  • How to define the objective of your presentation to keep your efforts on target;
  • How to keep the interest and attention of an audience with a well-paced presentation that meets the      demands of today's listener;
  • Identifying the types of post-presentation follow-up that can satisfy your objective.

  • The workshop will also address such topics as audience perceptions and how to field questions fearlessly.

    Get ready to sharpen your presentation skills by registering now for this free workshop. 

    More professional development resources are available at

    Penn’s Human Resources Summer Interns Gain Hands on Experience

    Brandon Harris with 2018 summer internsNow in its third year, the Penn’s Division of Human Resources summer internship program continues to provide invaluable, real-world experience to Delaware Valley area students interested in Human Resources. Two interns participated in the program this year: Maria Angelis, a rising senior at Temple University, and Nariah Williams, a rising senior at Widener University.

    Angelis and Williams assisted the Human Resources Senior Recruiters with a wide range of projects. They also shadowed staff members in Staff and Labor Relations, Learning and Education, HR Communications, Quality of Work Life, Benefits, Compensation, and Human Resources Information Management. 

    Some of the assignments involved researching job market trends, evaluating the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and identifying interviewing trends in recruitment. 

    “The program provides an opportunity for rising juniors and seniors in college to experience all departments of Human Resources and complete meaningful projects and assignments…and Human Resources gains the interns’ new and diverse perspectives, which I think is invaluable,” said Brandon Harris, Administrative Coordinator, Recruitment and Staffing.

    In this Q&A, Angelis and Williams share their thoughts about their time at Penn, what they learned, and how this experience has shaped their career interests.

    Penn HR: How would you describe your experience interning at Penn?

    Angelis: I had a really good experience working here. It’s been amazing to get that hands-on experience working with the other staff and understanding what HR means to them.
    Williams: I can attest to the whole hands-on aspect of things. One thing I liked is that we understood where we wanted to be professionally. I know now I want to be in HR, for sure. We had an overall good experience.

    Penn HR: Which was your favorite department?

    Angelis: I like Recruitment and Staffing (R&S). I just like the process of what they do. Picking a candidate, seeing if they’re the best fit. I feel like R&S is the wall that builds the company. Who you bring to the team is who’s going to have an impact. When you hire someone, whether they stay for a year or 40 years, that says something, too. 

    Williams: What caught my eye the most is Staff and Labor Relations. Staff and Labor relations are like the ‘firefighters of HR’. They deal with everything that has to do with staff. That’s really my go-to. I love to work with people. Just working with Joy Azikiwe, Jeff Rowland and Paula Pritchett, that said ‘Oh, yeah. Nariah, this is where you need to be.’

    Penn HR: What is your greatest takeaway from this internship?

    Williams: The whole communication aspect. I’m a student leader in a lot of organizations and the hardest part is getting kids to communicate effectively. I would just take back to them that I learned how everyone is not the same and how you do have to communicate with different people differently.

    Angelis: I agree. Especially with cross-experience levels, too. Working here, I’ve had to adjust from speaking to Nariah as an intern to, then, also speaking with the Vice President. I would say that the communication piece is something I would also take with me.

    Penn HR: What were your thoughts about the culture of HR at Penn?

    Angelis: The staff has this connection. It’s not ‘I talk to her once a day and that’s it.’ That was something I really liked and it made me feel comfortable in the environment. I never once felt like I didn’t belong here. Everyone made you feel like you were a part of the team.  

    Williams: I liked the open-door policy where you can walk around the office, everyone’s door is open, and you just come in and talk. I know the first day we got there, Beverly Carter introduced us to everyone and they were like ‘Oh, what about you? What school are you coming from?’ Regardless of how busy someone is, they will take the time out of their day to check on someone else. I like that vibe about everyone.

    Penn HR: How has this internship shaped your intended career path? 

    Williams: At first, I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do, but this internship was very beneficial in helping me figure that out. Right after college, I plan to get my MBA or get an HR job. I know it may not be an offer available immediately, but at least I know exactly what I want to do.

    Angelis: I want to get another internship or two more, at least, before I graduate. I want to take a break for a little to travel to Europe. Then when fall comes around, start applying for jobs and start the whole path of my career.

    Penn HR: What advice would you give to students preparing for an internship in HR?

    Angelis: Do not be afraid to ask questions. You’re not going to know everything, especially if this is your first time around. You’re going to wonder how to do certain things, search for certain things, and who to ask for help.

    Williams: I would say be prepared to be yourself and engaged. Don’t change your personal self or your personal values. I feel as though if you could come to a place, especially human resources, and be yourself, that says a lot about the company. Just be yourself and really take everything in. 

    Share Your Penn Pro Tips 

    White and red paper airplanesLittle things can make a big impact on your professional and personal success. Maybe it’s an app that improves your productivity, a habit that strengthens your relationships, a tool you can always rely on, or a simple trick that helps you enjoy work and life. If you find a method that works for you, chances are it will also work for Penn colleagues like you. That’s why myHR is inviting you to share your Penn Pro Tips with fellow newsletter readers.

    Please send your Penn Pro Tip to Describe your tip in up to 200 words. Everyone who sends in a tip between now and December 20, 2018 will be entered in a prize drawing for a productivity pack.

    Selected tips will be published along with the names of the tipsters in upcoming issues of myHR. Your wisdom and knowledge are greatly appreciated. 

    Healthy Meals: Apricot-Sage Chicken with Carrots

    Sage Chicken with CarrotsThis busy time of year calls for a savory one-pan dish accented with aromatic sage, tangy apricot and power-packed carrots.

    Find the recipe here.

    Click here to send us your healthy recipes and tips.


    Did You Know: TIAA Brings Q&A Table to Houston Hall

    Penn retirement savings plan provider TIAA will be available at a monthly on-campus Q&A table to answer general retirement plan questions. Visit Houston Hall’s lobby on September 25 from 10am-2pm to speak with a representative or sign up for a counseling session.