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myHR: August 16, 2017

A Rewarding Summer for Penn’s Human Resources Interns

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Now in its second year, Penn’s Division of Human Resources internship program gives Delaware Valley area students the opportunity to work on research projects, shadow different departments in Human Resources, attend conferences, participate in meetings, and more throughout the summer. As Philadelphia’s largest private employer, Penn offers a unique opportunity for interns to gain real experience in the field of human resources. Four interns participated in the program this year.

Liz Bouvette, a rising junior at Saint Joseph’s University, interned with the Recruitment and Staffing department. “We got to meet with a lot of different people in a lot of different areas so it never felt boring,” Liz says. “There was always a fresh topic and we learned something new every single day.”

One of the projects she worked on was passive candidate research, where she discovered and reached out to various candidates who haven’t applied yet for specific job titles at Penn. “It felt like really purposeful, meaningful work,” she says.

Manny Mavroleon, a rising senior at Temple University, also worked on passive candidate recruiting. “A couple of the candidates that I reached out to through LinkedIn actually got interviewed for the position so that was very rewarding,” he adds.

Craig Hill, a rising senior at Penn State, was a Human Resources intern, working with Human Resources Director Chereese Martin in Facilities and Real Estate Services. Craig conducted exit interviews with other FRES interns to get feedback on their experiences. “I really enjoyed the overall learning experience,” he says. “It was exciting coming in every day and learning something new.”

Kate Murphy, a rising senior from Bucknell University, was a Human Resources intern for Learning and Education and worked with Holly Marrone, a Senior Training and Development Consultant. “When [Holly] gave me assignments, I felt like they actually made a difference towards her work,” Kate says. One of her many research projects focused on senior leadership competencies. “I looked at what qualities all the greatest leaders in the world have in common and then that information was used to create workshops for leaders here at Penn.”

For many of the interns, this experience has reaffirmed their plans to pursue work in the human resources field. Manny agrees, adding, “I just switched my major to human resources last year….this internship has definitely made me feel like I made the right decision.”

Here is a statement of thanks from two of the internship coordinators:

Over the past 10 weeks our interns made a great impact in the Division of Human Resources, working on meaningful projects that ranged from Recruiting and Staff and Labor Relations research to working on Benefits financial compliance. We are very proud of the hard work and dedication our interns displayed and wish them all the best in their future endeavors. We also would like to thank everyone who was involved in the internship program this year who made it successful. This includes our HR partners, mentors, colleagues who participated in the shadowing sessions, and our HR leadership team.

Brandon Harris, Administrative Coordinator, Recruitment and Staffing

Beverly Carter, Sr. Staff Recruiter, Recruitment and Staffing

Rise to the Communications Challenge

Communications Concept IllustrationSuccessful organizations don’t take communications for granted. They strive to share meaningful information and stories in ways that reach their communities and customers effectively. That’s why Penn Learning and Education is offering the Challenge of Communicating, an interactive workshop that will raise your understanding of crucial communications concepts.

As individuals with unique experiences, people can interpret communications differently. Knowing how and when your coworkers and clients may see or hear things in unexpected ways will help you share information more effectively. The Challenge of Communicating  teaches best practices for creating content that breaks through to different audiences and builds understanding.

The Challenge of Communicating will be held on Wednesday, September 13 at two locations and times for your convenience. Click on the links below to register for the session that fits your schedule. Your department will be charged $75 at the time of registration.

9am-noon at the Learning and Education Classroom
3624 Market Street, Suite 1A South

2pm-5pm at Biomedical Research Building
Room 1412, 421 Curie Boulevard

For more professional development events, visit

Healthy Meals: Curried Chicken with Mango Salad

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Hot or mild, broiled or grilled. No matter how you make it, this colorful dish cooks up fast and the sweet, tangy side salad is bursting with vitamins.

Find the recipe here.

Click here to send us your healthy recipes and tips.

Did You Know? Free Nutrition Counseling Sessions

Faculty and staff enrolled in Penn-sponsored health plans are eligible for 6 free individualized nutrition counseling appointments per year with Registered Dieticians from Family Food, LLC. Sign up today and get professional nutritional advice!