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myHR: October 3, 2012

"Be in the Know"—and Be Rewarded!

This fall, Penn wants to reward you for being “in the know” about your health. Invest just 20 minutes of your time, and you'll earn a cash award as well as the chance to win an iPad!

On October 15, we're expanding our health promotion activities to introduce the “Be in the Know” campaign. This new wellness program will help you learn your key health biometrics—blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar—through free, convenient screening sessions held at more than 15 locations on campus over a four-week period. Knowing your numbers will help you establish a health “starting point” and give you ideas on how to maintain or improve your health status.

What's more? You'll receive a $75 cash award (less applicable taxes) for participating and be entered into a raffle to win one of two iPads.

Your privacy is a priority. All of your screening information will be held securely and confidentially by AreUFit, an outside agency specializing in worksite screenings. AreUFit technicians will perform the screenings and their health educators will help you interpret the results right on the spot. You can also submit test results from screenings done by your physician between April 1 and November 8 and still qualify for the program award.

The deadline for participating in an on-campus health screening is November 8.Find complete details, including instructions on how to register for a screening.

Nominate a Model of Excellence

Penn is known for extraordinary people doing extraordinary things, and we need your help to find them!

Through the Models of Excellence program, Penn acknowledges and rewards exceptional staff accomplishments and inspiring role models. You can help honor these individuals by nominating them for Models of Excellence recognition.

If you know staff members whose work reflects exemplary initiative, leadership, efficiency, collaboration and commitment to service, help us recognize their achievements by nominating them for a Models of Excellence Award.

Or, if you know a supervisor who’s an exceptional manager, a strong leader and a valuable team player, show your support by nominating him or her for a Model Supervisor Award.

All nominations are due by Thursday, November 8. You’re also invited to honor and celebrate these staff member accomplishments at an awards ceremony and reception on April 9, 2013 in Irvine Auditorium.

Find complete details, or contact Human Resources at 215-898-1012 or contact us online.

Penn Celebrates Work and Family

Living a balanced life isn't always easy, especially when personal and professional needs collide. Whether you're raising a family, making a long commute to work, or simply in need of some down time, there's a lot to juggle when you have work and family responsibilities. But we can help make the balancing act a little easier.

In honor of National Work and Family Month, discover the ways Penn can help you manage your needs inside and outside the workplace.

  • Adoption Assistance: You can be reimbursed for up to $5,000 in qualified adoption expenses and get help with every step of the adoption process.

  • Backup Care: Through a partnership with Parents in a Pinch, Inc., you have access to temporary in-home backup care services for children and adults—seven days a week, day or night—to help meet your family's needs while you work.

  • Flexible Work Options: We offer guidance on how to set up flexible work arrangements that can help you balance your work and family priorities.

  • New Child Benefits: Penn offers a full array of family-friendly benefits to help get your family off to the right start.

  • Nursing Mothers Program: If you're nursing a child, Penn's Nursing Mothers Program gives you time and space to manage your lactation needs at work.

  • Paid Time Off: From sick and vacation leave to holidays and the special winter vacation, you have access to a wide array of time off benefits to help you manage all your responsibilities.

  • Worklife Resources: Take advantage of free and confidential support for your everyday needs—from parenting help to financial assistance to legal support.

Find more information on worklife balance programs at Penn.

What's Your Career GPS?

When it comes to your job, navigating the road to success can be challenging. Whether you're satisfied in your current role or looking for something new, figuring out your next steps isn't always easy. But we can help give you some direction.

Join us on October 26 to find out your career GPS. You'll learn how to use a variety of tools to help manage your career—like networking advice and tips to enhance your resume. We'll also show you how to use technology to sharpen your professional edge. By the end of this workshop, you'll have a solid plan for your next career steps.

Ready to figure out your career GPS? Click here for complete details and to register.