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myHR: June 8, 2011

Tune in to These Important Deadlines

Summer is fast approaching, and your vacation plans may already be underway. But don't let that keep you from missing these important deadlines.

  • If you're taking advantage of Penn's tuition benefit for the summer term, be sure to request payment by June 15 for the 6-week and 12-week summer session I terms and August 15 for summer session II.

  • The new benefits plan year begins on July 1, so any changes you made to your benefit elections will take effect soon. And even if you didn't make any changes, new deduction rates will still apply. Your June paycheck will reflect the new rates for your medical, dental, vision and life insurance plans.

  • Still have money in your Health Care or Dependent Care Pre-Tax Expense Account? Remember you need to "use it or lose it". You have until September 15 to incur eligible expenses for the 2010–2011 plan year, and all claims must be submitted by September 30.

  • If you enrolled in the High Deductible Health Plan and you still have money left in your Health Care Pre-Tax Expense Account, be sure to exhaust the balance by June 30. Otherwise your Health Savings Account (HSA) won't be available until October 1, which means you won't be able to use it for expenses you incur between July 1 and September 30, 2011.

Do You Need a Career Check-Up?

When was the last time you took a look at your job to see how well it's going? It's always a good idea to assess your career progress and reflect on your role and responsibilities: Am I doing as well as I can? Is there room for improvement? Am I satisfied with my job, or do I need something more challenging?

Explore the answers to these questions and more at our Career Check-Up Workshop on June 17. This free, lunchtime workshop will help you evaluate your professional life and develop a plan for moving forward. You'll have the opportunity to think about your performance appraisal and what you learned from it, what tasks you'd like to be doing on a regular basis, and what the next steps in your career could be.

Ready to schedule your career tune-up? Click here for complete details and to register.

Get Your Diet on the Right Track

Having a game plan for healthy eating is one of the best ways to maintain your physical and mental health—and we'll help you build one that works for you!

Take part in our latest nutrition workshop series: Game Plan for Healthy Eating. Beginning July 6, these weekly workshops will show you how to create and succeed with your own personal nutrition plan. You'll learn strategies for eating healthy meals, adding more nutrients to your diet, lowering your saturated and trans fat intake and consuming fewer empty calories. By the end of this series, you'll have the knowledge you need to make the right food choices day after day.

Want to get started on your game plan? Click here for complete details and to register for the workshops.

Prepare for Your Future Care

It can be challenging to plan for the future, especially when the unexpected occurs. Accidents and illness can strike at a moment's notice, leaving you or your loved ones sick or disabled—and financially unprepared to care for yourselves. Wouldn't it be nice to protect your family and your future when life throws a curve ball your way? With long-term care insurance, you can.

Administered by John Hancock Life Insurance Company, Penn's long-term care insurance benefit helps you pay for everyday care when you or eligible family members can no longer care for yourselves. Whether you need support in a nursing home, your own home, or an adult day care center, long-term care insurance can help.

It'll also give you peace of mind knowing you have financial help to cover the cost of care. Extended care in a nursing home, assisted-living home or other covered care facility can be expensive, and most medical plans don't cover it. But with long-term care insurance, you get the financial security you need to safeguard your family.

Want to learn more? Click here for additional details, or contact John Hancock Life Insurance Company at 800-711-2899 or visit their website.