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myHR: February 2, 2011

Find Out Who Battled the Holiday Bulge—and Won

Most people overindulge during the holiday season—then spend the new year trying to shed the extra weight. With so many tempting cakes, decadent pies and mouth-watering cookies, it’s easier to indulge in the moment and deal with it later. But some Penn employees are already ahead of the game thanks to the Maintain, Don’t Gain Program.

Of the 142 participants who challenged themselves to maintain their waistline over the holiday season, almost all of them succeeded. At this year’s post-holiday weigh-in, an impressive 89% of participants who completed the program stayed within two to three pounds of their starting weight. And 60% even lost weight. With the help of weekly motivational emails that lessened the urge to splurge, some participants lost as much as ten pounds!

"This program really works, as once again I didn't gain any weight over the holidays. The program stays with me so I’m mindful as to what I’m eating during the food festival we call the holidays," said Catherine Lawrence, a staff member in the School of Engineering and Applied Science.

For those people battling it out in the team competition, it was another successful year. Seventeen teams went head to head for a total weight loss of about 22 pounds. To see who took first place, and for overall team results, click here.

Tuition Benefits: Work and Learn at Penn

Penn is recognized as a top employer for many reasons. Our generous tuition benefit is one of the perks that make this a great place to work.

Just ask Lindsay Shafer, an administrative coordinator in the Penn Center for Educational Leadership. She first used the tuition benefit a few years ago to enroll in marketing courses at Wharton. Meeting new people was high on her to-do list, and classes proved to be a great way to network. Now Lindsay has decided to take her career in a different direction. She’s passionate about resource management and decided to go for her master’s degree in environmental studies through the College of Liberal and Professional Studies. Lindsay says her experience so far has been nothing short of wonderful.

"Penn’s tuition benefit really helps lighten the financial burden. My husband’s currently enrolled in a full-time graduate program, and with two people going to school full-time, there would definitely be a financial strain on us. So the tuition benefit really works out well for us," she said.

For those of you unfamiliar with our tuition benefit, it covers 100 percent of the tuition, general and technology fees at Penn for up to six course units per academic year. It also helps subsidize the cost of undergraduate tuition for spouses/domestic partners and children. Since 2003, about 8,000 faculty and staff have used the benefit for themselves or their families.

While Lindsay would have pursued her master’s degree without the help of tuition assistance, she said Penn’s tuition benefit motivates her even more in her studies. "Working at Penn really helps me take advantage of pursuing my academic goals. Getting back into the classroom has been a great experience, and it’s really helpful to meet people in the field I’m pursuing," Lindsay said.

Want to learn how our tuition benefit program can support you? Click here to learn more.

How to Find the Right Person for the Job

We know how stressful the hiring process can be. You spend hours sifting through heaps of resumes and prepping for interviews. Then you have to narrow down the field and choose the right candidate. It can be a daunting task.

But it doesn’t have to be. Penn’s recruitment specialists can help in all aspects of the hiring process from A to Z.

Let our recruiters pre-screen candidates to ensure you find a great fit for your department. You’ll save time and resources as they do the leg work to zero in on the right candidate pool for you.

Learn useful interview techniques so you’re ready for every applicant who walks through the door. Our recruiters will prepare you with questions that are tailored to your department’s specific needs. They’ll even conduct a mock interview so you can practice your key points ahead of time.

Want to learn more? Click here to contact a recruitment specialist or call 215-898-7284 for more information.

The Secret to Building Influence at Work

Collaboration is essential in the workplace. But it’s not always easy when your work depends on the cooperation of others.

In a decentralized setting like Penn, you may need help from someone in another department to get your job done. How do you convince people to take time away from their own responsibilities to lend a hand?

Maybe you have a great idea that’ll make your department much more effective. But you don’t have the authority to make the necessary changes. How do you persuade your boss that it’s the right way to go?

We can show you what to do! Come to our latest lunchtime workshop: Influence at Work: How to Build Effective Relationships and Allies. You’ll learn how to get what you need by building relationships with others. Explore the theories of reciprocity and exchange: giving people what they need in order to get what you need. By the end of this workshop, you’ll understand the power of persuasion and positive relationships.

This free workshop will take place on February 9 from 12pm–1pm. Click here to register, or contact Learning and Education at 215-898-3400 for more details.