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New Interactive Guide Helps You Navigate Life Events

News from August 29, 2018

At Penn, we understand that change is a part of life. You may get married, have a child, buy a home, need to care for an aging parent, or have some other transition outside of the workplace. Life events can affect your household needs and career priorities, and Penn is here to help make those changes in life easier. 

Penn's Guide to Managing Life Events is a new and comprehensive resource that provides detailed information to support faculty and staff (and their families) in being well and planning for the future. The 44-page guide features everything from emotional support services to financial education to healthcare benefits. It is interactive so you can navigate to those sections that are most relevant to your circumstance all the while giving you peace of mind during your personal and professional transitions. 

Review the Guide to Managing Life Events because whatever your pathway in life, Penn has got you covered.