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SEPTA Strike Contingency Plan

News from October 24, 2016

In preparation for a potential SEPTA strike, Penn has developed strike contingency transportation plans for faculty and staff. The union workforce that operates SEPTA’s Market-Frankford and Broad Street subway lines, City Transit Bus, Trolley, and Trackless Trolley Routes inside Philadelphia's city limits has voted to authorize a strike. A work stoppage can occur at any time upon the expiration of the agreement on Monday, October 31, 2016.

Faculty and staff should plan now to seek alternate transportation methods to report to work. Visit the Penn Transit Services website for more information on Penn’s contingency plans.

In the event of a SEPTA strike, administrators are encouraged to be as flexible as possible with requests to temporarily adjust work schedules while continuing to meet operational requirements. Penn offers flexible work option guidelines to help staff and supervisors determine how to propose and consider flexible work schedules, including earlier or later arrival and departure times, working from home, or compressed schedules that involve longer but fewer days at work. Visit the Flexible Work Options webpage to learn more, or contact Human Resources at 215-898-7729.

Penn will continue to closely monitor the negotiations between the parties and relay important information as appropriate. Questions regarding attendance should be directed to the Staff and Labor Relations department in Human Resources at 215-898-6093.