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The First Be in the Know Incentive Payments Are Coming Soon

News from February 24, 2016

If you're participating in the Be in the Know wellness campaign and completed the two Core Actions, congratulations! You've taken important steps on the path to better health and wellbeing. You've also earned a $100 cash incentive.

If you are paid monthly, look for the incentive payment in your February 29 paycheck. If you are paid weekly, the payment will be in your March 4 paycheck. You must have completed the two Core Actions (biometric screening and online health assessment) by January 31 to receive the incentive at this time. If you completed either of the Core Actions after this date, you will receive your incentive at the next scheduled incentive payout in June.

Participants who completed Bonus Actions by January 31 may see the additional $40 or $80 cash incentive payment as well.

Visit the Be in the Know webpage for more information about how to participate and receive up to $180 in cash incentives.*

* You must be a full- or part-time benefits-eligible faculty or staff member to participate in Be in the Know. All cash incentives are less applicable payroll taxes. The two Core Actions must be completed first before any cash incentives will be paid.