Wellnest Mindful Journaling App

Wellness at Penn has partnered with Wellnest to offer all students, faculty, postdocs and staff free access to their mindfulness app. The app provides users an opportunity for mindful reflection to promote overall wellness and support during these difficult times.

What does Wellnest offer?

  • Guided Content: Wellnest’s content library offers relevant and niche topics to help you with social isolation, productivity, happiness, spirituality, and more.
  • Voice Journaling: Wellnest offers speech-to-text technology, improving the speed and quality of your journal entries. (You can also type too!)
  • Game Design: Earn Wellnest Gold for journaling, and spend it in the shop to customize your new journal!

Wellnest FAQ

How do I download Wellnest?

The Wellnest app is currently available through the Apple App Store for iOS devices and through their web-based platform for Android and other users.

For access to the Apple iOS app:

  • Download Wellnest from the Apple App Store
  • Sign up for Wellnest using your Penn email address
  • Voila! Now get journaling

For access to the Wellnest web-based app:

  • To join the Wellnest Journal web app, tap this link
  • Sign in to Wellnest using your Penn email address
  • Voila! Now get journaling

Who has access to Wellnest?

All students, faculty, postdocs and staff at Penn have access to Wellnest by using their Penn email address to sign in.

How long will Wellnest be free and available?

Wellnest Plus will be provided through August 2021, at which point we will reassess this initiative. Students, faculty, postdocs and staff will have free access to the Wellnest Basic version of the app after that time period, but will need to pay to upgrade to Wellnest Plus to continue using that version of the app. The cost of a Wellnest Plus subscription after August 2021 will be $4.99/month or $23.99/year.

What’s the difference between Wellnest Plus and Wellnest Basic?

Wellnest Plus unlocks weekly insights and progress updates, and a growing library of premium content. Wellnest Basic includes features such as the daily and evening conversation, quick note, mood check, and partial access to a library of courses.

Can Wellnest or anyone at Penn see my journal entries?

No! Your entries are 100% private. No one at Wellnest or Penn can access your entries. You can read Wellnest’s privacy policy here.

Can I give feedback about Wellnest?

Absolutely! Please send an email to caps@pobox.upenn.edu with any feedback you have about the app.

Where can I learn more about Wellnest?

Check out Wellnest’s website to learn more.