It’s one thing to know what the right food and exercise choices are—it’s quite another to make those choices and stick to them over the long run. The Weight Watchers flexible, sustainable weight-loss system helps you do just that.

Weight Watchers is built on four basic principles: weight loss should be healthy; the program should fit into your life; the choices you make should be informed; and the program must be holistic, taking into account your behavior and environment as well as your food and exercise choices.

When and Where

11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Children’s Hospital
Wood Building
Room 5206

11:30 am-12:30 pm
Facilities and Real Estate Services (FRES)
3101 Walnut Street

Weight Watchers strongly encourages weekly participation in meetings. Members can attend meetings in other locations.


Registration Fee Weekly Fee
Regular Members: $15 Regular Members: $14
Students: $14 Students: $13
Seniors: $14 Seniors: $13

Lifetime members can take advantage of an exciting discount to help you lose weight for less. If you met your goal weight but subsequently fell off the weight loss wagon, you can return to regular meetings for just $10 a week. That means you can get back to your goal weight without having to pay full price.

Sign Up!

Sign up at any time by going to the local meeting on Penn’s campus. To find the location and time, or to learn more about Weight Watchers, visit the Weight Watchers website and enter zip code 19104.

Penn receives no compensation, benefits, or other consideration of any kind when faculty or staff make use of the Weight Watchers program.