Flexible, Hybrid, and Remote Work Approval Process Flow

Flexible, Hybrid, or Fully Remote Work Arrangement Development Process

  1. Staff member and manager discuss plans for flexible, hybrid, or remote work.
  2. The business rationale for the flexible, hybrid, or remote work arrangement is drafted and discussed with the respective school or center HR designee. 
  3. After the planning discussion, log in to Workday to access the flexible work arrangement tasks, which can be completed by the staff or manager. Refer to these Workday tip sheets for step-by-step instructions:
  4. If staff members, manager and HR designee are all in agreement regarding the flexible, hybrid, or remote work arrangement, then the flexible work request task should be completed in Workday.
Fully remote work arrangements should not be approved for employees working primarily from outside the United States. In most cases, international addresses cannot be listed as work addresses. If you wish to engage someone who will be working in another country, please contact Global Support Services to discuss your options.

Please Note:

  • Staff with flexible, hybrid and remote work arrangements should receive a minimum of 30 days advance notice, when feasible if there must be a change in the agreement.
  • Request for hybrid or fully remote work plans must be approved by the department as well as the by the Dean or Vice President of the School or Center (or their designee).