Snow Day Child Care

What, When, and Where

Snow Day Child Care provides all-day care for children of Penn faculty and staff members when the University is open but Philadelphia public schools are closed due to inclement weather. Children ages 12 weeks to 12 years are eligible for the program, whether they attend a Philadelphia district school or not.

Snow Day Child Care is available:

  • Generally between December and March. Official Snow Day Child Care dates for 2019-20 are December 2 to March 27.
  • On weekdays, 9am-6pm, when the Philadelphia County Public Schools are closed due to inclement weather and the University is open. (You can register children in schools outside the Philadelphia district, but the program is only available when Philadelphia public schools are closed for inclement weather.)
  • As space is available. Child care space, projected from the previous year’s needs, is limited and requests are met on a first-come, first-served basis.

Care is provided at the Penn Children's Center, the University of Pennsylvania's licensed day care center in the Left Bank Commons, Suite 100, at 3160 Chestnut Street.


The University covers most of the cost for Snow Day Child Care. Your contribution is based on your Penn salary, the age of your child(ren), and the number of children you place in care.



Under $60,000

$60,000 or Greater

School-Age Children:

$15 per child per day

$25 per child per day


$20 per child per day

$35 per child per day

*Higher preschool costs are due to the smaller ratio of children to caregivers for younger children.


You must register for Snow Day Child Care before there’s a snow day. Simply complete the online application and return it to the Penn Children's Center. If you need assistance, contact the Center at 215-898-5268.

  • All registrations must be completed before you can use Snow Day Child Care. Registration forms will not be accepted on the day that care is needed.
  • A new registration is required each year. 


When you register, the Penn Children's Center will explain what to do when you need the service. Space on a snow day is available on a first-come, first-served basis, so it's important to know how to request it in advance.

Questions? Contact Human Resources: 215-573-2471 or contact us online.