New Child Benefits

Bringing home a new child is a special time in every parent's life. Along with the joy and excitement, however, come new financial responsibilities and challenges to balancing work and home life. Penn offers an array of benefits to help get your family off to the right start.


Time Off

Faculty and staff are entitled to time off when bringing home a new child, including for adoption and foster care. Our Paid Parental Leave Policy includes details on the coordination with other leaves available including: Sick Leave, Paid Time Off, Short-Term Disability Leave, and Family and Medical Leave (FMLA).

Health Care Benefits

You must enroll your child in your benefits coverage within 30 days of birth or adoption. Enroll online or contact the Benefits Solution Center (powered by Health Advocate) at 1-866-799-2329.

A percentage of doctor and hospital fees are covered under all the University's health care plans. Read about Penn's medical coverage.

Financial Support and Planning

Expenses add up quickly when raising a family, but Penn offers several ways to alleviate the costs of bringing home a new child:

Worklife Balance

Penn offers a variety of resources to help you balance the competing demands of work and home:

  • The Employee Assistance Program provides confidential one-on-one support at no cost for a variety of personal issues and major life changes, such as bringing home a new child.
  • Penn's Lactation Support Program can help you make a smoother transition back to work when you're chest/breastfeeding your newborn.
  • Penn's Children's Center provides childcare for children ages three months to five years.
  • Free access to Sitter City, education support, and special discounts are available through the Penn Bright Horizons portal. Bright Horizons can help with a wide range of dependent care challenges, such as finding child care, school-age care, summer camp programs in your community, and or elder care services to meet your family's needs and preferences.
  • Backup Care offers temporary in-home backup care services—seven days a week, day or night—while you work.
  • Snow Day Child Care provides day care when Philadelphia public schools are closed but Penn is open.
  • Flexible Work Options offer creative solutions that help you balance work and family demands.

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