Lactation Support Program


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Karen Kille, Senior Worklife Consultant or (215) 898-7729

Penn's Lactation Support Program provides support for new and expecting parents and includes:

  1. Penn's Lactation Policy and Lactation Plan Document
  2. Private, clean lactation rooms throughout Penn’s campus, some equipped with hospital-grade breast pumps. (Free breast pump accessory kits are also provided by the Penn Women’s Center).
  3. Penn's Lactation Resource Group. This group is open to faculty, staff, students, post docs, and their partners. This group is co-sponsored by the Family Resource Center, Penn Women’s Center, and the Division of Human Resources.
    • Provides an opportunity to meet other new parents on campus, get help with breastfeeding challenges, and share successful strategies.
    • Open to individuals who are chest/breastfeeding, pumping and bottle-feeding, pregnant & thinking about chest/breastfeeding, formula-feeding and curious about chest/breastfeeding.
  4. Penn's Worklife Specialist who:
    • Provides briefings for new and expectant parents. Register for an upcoming New and Expectant Parent Briefing.
    • Offers referrals, information, and resources.
    • Helps with navigating lactation space access.
  5. Resources for parents, supervisors, schools and centers. 

Contact Us
For more information on the Lactation Program, or Human Resources offerings to better manage your health, work, and family responsibilities, please contact Karen Kille, Sr. Worklife Consultant, 215-898-7729 or