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Senior Care Planning


Through Penn's partnership with, benefits eligible faculty and staff can access senior care advisors. This benefit provides eligible individuals with the support and guidance of experienced Senior Care Advisors who can assist employees and their families along your journey through the uncertain terrain of senior caregiving. Senior Care Advisors provide eligible individuals with caregiving strategies, such as finding the appropriate level of care, proactively planning and paying for care, and assisting adult children whose parents do not want to accept care.

Caring for an elderly family member or an adult can be complex.

  • How do we talk about what needs to happen?
  • How do we get all of our family members on the same page?
  • How do we manage the legal and financial challenges?
  • How do we pay for the resources?

Penn’s expanded adult and senior care services through can provide you with the help you need.

  • Assistance with immediate needs and long-term adult and senior care planning
  • Unlimited phone calls with masters level social workers
  • Facilitation of family meetings and discussions
  • Comprehensive action plans that include vetted provider options with ongoing follow-up

Arrange a Free, In-depth Consultation with a Masters Level Geriatric Social Worker

To access these services, call our partners at at 855-781-1303 ext. 3, go to, or email and arrange a free, in-depth consultation with a Masters Level Geriatric Social Worker. Senior Care Advisors are available from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET.

Read the elder care tip of the month, provided by Senior Care Planning FAQ

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How do I contact a Senior Care Advisor?