Adoption Assistance

Starting a family, or adding to your existing one, is a special time in your life. If you’re expanding your family through adoption, learn about the many benefits and resources that can help you through all phases of the process, from the initial decision to adopt to the reality of bringing a new child into your home by registering on the Carrot Portal.


Contact the Penn Employee Solution Center online
at or (215) 898-7372

Adoption Assistance Benefit

Eligible faculty and staff may be reimbursed for up to $5,000 in qualified expenses.

New Child Benefits

Review the New Child Benefits available at Penn.

Time with Your Child

There are several policies regarding taking time away from work as you go through the adoption process and when you bring your child home: Paid Parental Leave PolicyFamily and Medical Leave, Paid Time Off, and Leave of Absence Without Pay.

Information and Resources

Visit the Carrot Portal to browse information related to adoption.