Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Resources for Managers

Health Advocate EAP counselors are available by phone for unlimited telephonic consultations to coach managers on ways to guide staff to the EAP; handle employee conflict and productivity issues; stabilize and minimize disruption following a critical incident; and other behavior affecting the organizational unit.  Consultations are also available to assist managers with dealing with unhealthy relationships with other managers, administration, or supervisors.

Call 1-866-799-2329 and ask for management assistance or visit the website.

Employee and Supervisory Training

Employee trainings are sometimes implemented as a result of a management consultation. Training programs are available on topics such as as conflict, organizational change, resilience, and stress management, among others.  Managers should consult with their School or Center HR Director before arranging for a training.

Critical Incident Management

The Health Advocate EAP provides easily accessible informational resources on:

  • Suicide Prevention
  • Helping a Coworker Through a Loss
  • How to Help When You Don't Know What to Say
  • Coping with a Critical Incident
  • Days and Weeks after a Robbery
  • Crisis Response

EAP counselors also provide customized group programs at the work site following a traumatic experience for the organizational unit, such as the death of a colleague. For these services, call 1-866-799-2329 and request support.

Helpful Guides and Resources

EAP’s webinar Managing Emotional Health at Work will help you understand the impact of emotional illness in the workplace, identify what leadership should look for, and discuss how to be supportive in confronting concerns for a successful outcome. Access the webinar here.

The Concerned About Opioid Abuse flyer provides details about what you need to know regarding this epidemic and how to protect against opioid misuse.