COVID-19 Sick Time and Leave Guidance

As conditions change and research advances, this page may be updated at the discretion of the Provost and the Senior Executive Vice President.

August 8, 2022

The chart below is intended to provide guidance for employee pay/leave questions in situations where an employee is away from the workplace and is not working from home – either because work-from-home is not possible or the employee is sick. Where a particular situation may have various pay/leave options depending on the specific circumstances, there are multiple options indicated. Questions about particular situations should be addressed to the appropriate school/center HR designee. 

Sick Time

For the limited purposes of addressing COVID-19, the University will be expanding the uses for Sick Time,* as written in the policy. Specifically:

  • Sick time may be used for a family member for more than 5 days.
  • Sick time may be used for self-isolation periods.
  • Sick time may be used for school closures/child care provider unavailability due to COVID-19.
  • Any fully vaccinated and boosted staff or those with an exemption who tests positive for COVID-19 will be paid for up to 5 days without having to use their own accrued sick or PTO time, provided they are unable to work remotely. For any absence beyond 5 work days, the staff member may use PTO or Sick time.  If the absence extends beyond the waiting period for short-term disability (STD), the staff member should apply for short-term disability (STD).  

For temporary University employees, please refer to the  Public Health Emergency Leave reminder notice for instructions. 

Note: This chart is not intended to address employees covered under a collective bargaining agreement. For such employees, refer to the collective bargaining agreement or consult with your HR designee.

COVID-19 Sick Time and Leave
Paid Administrative Leave Paid Time Off (PTO) Sick Time* Short Term Disability (STD)
Employee Tests Positive for COVID-19 X

Required to isolate for five days following a positive COVID test; pay will be provided for days unable to work due to mandatory isolation provided process for reporting positive COVID test is followed

If symptoms continue beyond the 5-day required isolation period and unable to work, can use PTO or Sick time

If symptoms continue beyond the 5-day required isolation period and unable to work, can use PTO or Sick time

Apply for STD if COVID-19 symptoms or complications extend beyond the STD waiting period
Employee Required to Quarantine Due to High-Risk COVID-19 Exposure (for Employees Not Up To Date with COVID-19 Vaccination) X X
Caring for Family Member Who Tests Positive for COVID-19 X X
Child’s School is Closed/Child Care Provider is Unavailable Due to COVID-19 X X