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Be in the Know 2018 - 2019

Highlights for 2018-2019!

3 Steps to Success

Earn up to 300 points for $300!*

More Bonus Actions and Higher Point Values.

A Focus on Financial Wellness.

New Online StayWell Bonus Actions.

Be in the Know VIP Program.

Take Charge of Your Incentives. 

Come Back and Win

All returning Be in the Know participants will be entered into a prize drawing for an iPad!

How Do I Participate?

STEP 1: Free On-Campus Biometric Screenings

The biometric screening is the first Core Action required. Free biometric screenings will be offered on campus throughout the Be in the Know campaign year. Since the Fall 2018 screenings have ended, we will be offering a select number of on-campus screenings in 2019.  Our next scheduled screenings will be offered January 24, February 19, and March 18, 2019, all from 9:00am - 1:00pm in Houston Hall, Hall of Flags. Register for your screening today!

You also have the option to submit results from biometric screenings conducted by your own physician between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019. To earn credit, submit a Be in the Know Biometric Screening Consent Form with your results to AREUFIT Health Services, Inc., using the directions provided on the form. For the 2018-2019 Be in the Know campaign year, the deadline to submit your screening documentation to AREUFIT is July 31, 2019. 

STEP 2: StayWell’s Online Health Assessment

The online health assessment is the next step to earning your first $100 Core Actions incentive. This confidential online questionnaire is administered through Penn's wellness portal partner, StayWell Health Management.

The updated StayWell portal for the 2018 - 2019 Be in the Know campaign year will be available October 8, 2018. To complete StayWell's online health assessment on or after October 8, visit the StayWell portal.

You may complete the online health assessment at any time, once the updated portal is available, but we suggest that you first complete STEP 1, your biometric screening, as you will need to know these values to successfully complete StayWell's online health assessment. After an on-campus biometric screening, your data will be sent to StayWell and populated into your online health assessment, taking approximately one - two weeks from your screening date until the results are uploaded.

However, you may also input your biometric screening results into the online health assessment, if you wish to expedite completion of STEP 2. Once the updated portal is available on October 8, 2018, you may visit Penn's StayWell portal and look for "START HEALTH ASSESSMENT" link, located in the top right area of the Dashboard page. 

For the 2018-2019 Be in the Know campaign year, the deadline to complete the online health assessment is August 31, 2019.

STEP 3: Earn More with Bonus Actions

Bonus Actions are health-related action steps to earn additional points and incentives through Be in the Know. You’ll find a variety of options on campus, at home, and online through StayWell, with four categories of options available. You decide which Bonus Actions you'd like to complete throughout the campaign year and watch your points add up!

Be sure to take advantage of these fun and educational activities earn up to an additional $200* in Bonus Actions incentives, plus a special gift opportunity for VIP-level participants. 

Bonus Actions may be completed and points earned at any time during the campaign year (September 1, 2018 – August 31, 2019.) However, cash incentives will not be awarded until you complete the first two Core Actions, STEPS 1 and 2.

Am I Eligible for the Incentives?

Active full- and part-time benefits-eligible faculty and staff are eligible for the cash incentive awards.* To earn the incentives, you must complete the biometric screening, StayWell's online health assessment, and Bonus Actions by the program deadlines.


When you participate in a Be in the Know biometric screening, rest assured that your personal health information is strictly protected.

AREUFIT Health Services provides biometric screening results to our wellness portal partner, StayWell Health Management, for the sole purpose of populating your personal online health assessment. offers a range of resources, valuable health-related information, and engaging programs. To gain a better understanding of our faculty and staff’s wellbeing, StayWell will be providing Health Advocate with results of biometric screenings and online health assessment information. AREUFIT, StayWell, and Health Advocate are fully HIPAA compliant and keep all results confidential. Penn receives only aggregated information regarding participation and the general results of the participation Penn population. No individual or personal health data is ever provided to Penn. 

For the full privacy statement, please visit



Be in the Know is a voluntary wellness program administered in accordance with federal rules. You are not required to complete the voluntary health assessment or biometric screening for Be in the Know; however, employees who participate in the biometric screening and online health assessment will receive 100 Core Action points and a $100* cash incentive.

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*All cash incentives are less applicable payroll taxes. Incentives will be issued in November 2018, and monthly from January – September 2019, in paychecks or as Penn Recreation credits. Payment times depend on when you complete the Core Actions and qualifying Bonus Actions. On the Health Assessment, Question 6 “How would you like to receive the full amount of your Be in the Know earned incentive(s)?” is a required question.  If the question is not completed, the employee will automatically receive the incentive(s) on their paycheck.