Essential Staff

The University of Pennsylvania suspended all onsite operations on March 21, yet Penn remains open thanks to our dedicated faculty and staff. While faculty and staff who could do their jobs off-site made the change to remote work, staff members in essential and life-sustaining roles continued to work on campus. Professionals in a range of fields--from animal care to utility services--kept reporting for jobs on Penn's urban campus, at the New Bolton Center, and other facilities

The coworkers featured below represent the many of Penn coworkers who support the University and each other during the COVID-19 pandemic by showing up and performing their best. They make it possible for students to stay healthy, faculty to stay engaged with their students, and researchers to stay focused on science at this critical time.


Supporting Student Well-being

Mental health care can sometimes be easily overlooked as an essential need, yet it's one of the biggest needs people have right now.

Heather Charboneau

Behavioral Health Consultant, Student Health Service

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All of us look at each other and say, ‘Hey guys, we know what to do and we have what we need.’ That's the blessing.

Cassandra Adams

Medical Receptionist, Student Health Service

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Sustaining Research

I like knowing my job helps with the incredible work that's being done at Penn.

LaDia Little

Animal Lab Technologist, ULAR

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Maintaining Penn's Campus

People just got the job done and it really speaks to the character of everybody we have on our staff.

Paul Forchielli

Assistant Director for Projects and Quality Assurance, Residential Services


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