Deals@Penn: Provider Guidelines

If your company is interested in reaching Penn faculty and staff with deals, discounts and promotional offers, proposals may be submitted to YouDecide, Inc., Penn’s designated provider responsible for evaluating and managing such offerings on the University’s behalf.

Please be aware there are certain criteria that are pre-requisites for consideration.  They include but are not limited to the following:

  • Offers must comply with Penn policies, especially regarding particular category exclusions (e.g. no alcohol, firearms, tobacco);
  • Offers must not be in conflict with existing contracts and/or relationships; and
  • Offers must be “ongoing” as opposed to ‘time bound” promotions that are of limited duration (e.g., tickets and events cannot be accommodated under this program).

Please use the following email address to contact YouDecide with your inquiry:

Please note you must provide your company name, contact, email address, and phone number to be considered.