The Model Supervisor Award

Congratulations to the
2023 Models of Excellence Honorees

Join the Penn Community in celebrating this year's honorees when the Models of Excellence Program Award Ceremony returns to Irvine Auditorium on April 26 at 4 p.m.

The annual Model Supervisor Award, established in 2007, is given to Penn supervisors who demonstrate exemplary behaviors and serve as outstanding role models.

Model Supervisor Behaviors

These behaviors reflect the University’s standards for a Model Supervisor and are used by the Selection Committee to identify individuals who qualify for this award:

  • Applies fairness and consistency to all actions.
  • Communicates goals and expectations clearly and holds staff accountable.
  • Provides tools for achievement.
  • Removes unnecessary barriers to accomplishment and assists with problem solving.
  • Provides feedback in a constructive way and manages issues in the workplace.
  • Treats all with dignity, respect, and integrity.
  • Collaborates with other peers and organizations and supports an environment of collaboration.
  • Empowers everyone to achieve their best and offers development opportunities for future growth.
  • Understands and supports work life balance.
  • Appreciates the contribution that a diverse workforce offers, and supports efforts to sustain a diverse workforce.
  • Safeguards and manages assets and institutional resources for the greatest support for institutional goals.

2023 Model Supervisors

Sheila Pierson, Perelman School of Medicine

Sheila Pierson, Associate Director, Department of Translational Medicine and Human Genetics, is the backbone of the research team and a dedicated, supportive leader. She leads in the front and supports from the back, as well as fostering a collaborative and safe environment. She pushes forward lifesaving research for rare disease patients every day while bringing opportunities for personal growth and development to her team members.

Charles Rejonis, Wharton School

Charles Rejonis, Chief Products Officer at Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS), is a compassionate, creative, wise, and inspirational leader. He founded and leads the WRDS Advanced Initiatives team. He fosters an environment of open and honest communication, inspiring trust among his team and everyone he works with. Charles breaks down silos at the University and is consistently calm under pressure, which spurs confidence not only among his direct reports but across all the teams he is a member of.

Sage Rush, Perelman School of Medicine

Sage Rush, Supervisor, Clinical Research Coordinator in the Department of Neuropsychiatry, embodies the features of a successful, dedicated, and well-balanced leader who, collaboratively and positively, guides and inspires her supervisees and trainees to excel in their roles. She oversees a team of clinical research coordinators, working closely with staff to promote a manageable workload, competency, and progress while ensuring that staff feel supported and heard. In addition, Sage led weekly social hours during various stages of the pandemic to boost morale and stay connected.

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